Wyze Doorbell: AC supply only?

Got a new Wyze Doorbell. Pulled our existing doorbell button, used a DVM to check the voltage, 12 VDC, not AC. Tried wiring it both ways. Didn’t work either way. Pulled the existing chime/transformer unit, says it has 120 VAC in and 12 VDC out. I assume I’d have to replace this with a 120 VAC to 12 VAC transformer, which I’d prefer not to do. So, it doesn’t work with 12 VDC, right? Thanks…

OK, answered my own question. So, if you have a setup like I do, where I have a standard lighted pushbutton doorbell, and a recessed dual-gang wall box chime unit that puts out 12 VDC, you can replace the chime unit with this one below from Amazon, which provides 20 VAC output, and that will work with the Wyze Doorbell. Be sure to disconnect and remove the existing lighted pushbutton before you replace the chime unit, then install the Wyze Doorbell. Yes, it’ll cost you another $45 or so, but that’s what you have to do.

No, you can spend a third of that for a new transformer alone. The other parts are not necessary for this doorbell. (And your new chime will be disabled anyway.)

Yeah, I could. But this is what I’ll do, thanks. I didn’t like the existing chime, anyway, and this will look better and be easier to swap out. BTW, if I decide I don’t like the Wyze Doorbell as much as a Ring, I can swap in the Ring and the built-in chime will work. So, it costs a few more bucks to do it this way, but it gives me more options.

It’s probably like thermostats and you can use a dedicated 24v ac power supply. This is common with home alarms etc

See https://amzn.to/3e5OtwK

The doorbell can also be powered with a 5v microusb cable (the usb port is under the grey rectangular sticker)

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Got the new Nicor Chime unit, did the install, very clean. And, I’m really glad I did this instead of getting a transformer, kludging a mount, and using a blank faceplate. Why? Because like every other early Wyze product I’ve bought, we’re doing the alpha and beta tests for the Doorbell. Despite full bars connectivity with the AP less than 20 feet from the cam, and two other Wyze cams working flawlessly on the same network, the Doorbell won’t stay connected, won’t consistently show Live video, and many others report a raft of similar problems. By going with the Nicor Chime, all I have to do is remove the Doorbell and put my button back in (5 minute job) and I’m back with the old setup. Or, just swap in a Ring, which actually will work without issue (I have had one for years on our other house, zero issues). Oh, and if I use a Ring, the Nicor Chime even works! YMMV, but this was the right install option for me.