Wyze Door Bell Wireless Connection

Hi everyone,
I have purchased and installed the Wyze Doorbell. Once I connected to my wifi, I noticed lag and the video and app freezes up. I normally use 5G but this doorbell does not support 5G. My router is no more than 10-12 feet away so it’s worrying me that this doorbell won’t work for me. I can’t have it freezing up like that. Does anyone have this issue and fixed it? Does anyone know if there will be a firmware update so it will work with 5G? I really want this to work.

Thanks Community

What is within the 10 to 12 feet from the router to doorbell? What’s the construction of the exterior wall? How many other wifi devices do you have? What kind of wifi network gear do you use? How much other wifi congestion is around your house? Neighboors?

Switching from 2.4 ghz to 5ghz is not as easy as a firmware upgrade, there would have to be a hardware change as well.

I had connection issues and the invalid QR code error. Opening port 23 on my router fixed ir

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The only thing is a normal wall a house has. Nothing else in between. It’s a frontier quantum router. I don’t have a lot of things connected to the 4G connection. Most is on the 5G but I’m sure it impacts the strength. I’ll try to disconnect some stuff I don’t use much. Thanks for the info.

Thanks. I’ll look into it.

Do you mean 2.4ghz (and 5ghz)? Those are terms for wifi. When I hear of 4g and 5g I think of my cellphones mobile data. Wyze stuff only work on the 2.4 ghz wifi signal.

When I ask about wall construction, just wanted to know the makeup. My exterior walls have tons of insulation,.and are thick because it gets below freezing for months at a time. Down south where it’s hot, walls are thinner. Wood, vinyl and brick are common exteriors up here and both affect Wi-Fi differently, brick especially attenuates Wi-Fi signal a lot. Saying "normal"doesn’t help “painting the picture”. Is there plumping? Other wires in the area? All effect the wifi signal so that’s what I was looking for when asking construction makeup.

I had an all in one router from my isp, and they are known to be horrible for wifi quality. I bought an access point and out it’s in the most optimal place I could and I don’t have any more Wi-Fi signal issues anywhere in my house that I had when I mainly used the all-in-one router. Another option is a mesh system, which has been talked about in the forums here a lot which improves Wi-Fi signal throughout the house.

Sorry. You’re right. I meant 2.4ghz and 5ghz. So I took you’re advice and turned off a couple devices a rarely use. My house is weird where instead of wood studs, the house is all metal studs. This could definitely screw with reception. I’ve been monitoring my door bell since I removed some devices and it appears to be working well. I have no complaints now. Thanks for your feed back. Helped me out.

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Glad to hear!

You know, what I realize while I’m playing with it, the camera works fine, when it detects and records that’s also fine. It’s when I use the function to talk and hear the person outside that the app locks up. I don’t expect to use that often but would be nice to figure out why. Maybe a stronger Wi-Fi? I don’t know.

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Is it the app that locks up? Or the doorbell itself? Troubleshooting the app may be a uninstall of the app, restart the phone, and reinstall app. If it’s the doorbell, I’d check your voltage at the doorbell. You can test by turning in the night vision, irs and white light to see how the doorbell behaves.

Awesome. Thank you. I will try all of that starting with the app. I’ll let you know how it goes. Appreciate the feed back.

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