Problem with Wyze & 2.4G Wi-Fi

I seen to be having trouble with my 2.4G Wi-Fi going offline a lot, and I realized that’s why my Wyze bulbs were going offline, as I mentioned in a previous post. For clarity, I use two router repeaters that connect to the main router upstairs, which I do not have physical access to, but it’s use is definitely included in my rent per my lease. So, more frequently than I would like, I can’t access the repeaters, and my phone gives an error to the correct password, while the 5G Works just fine. It causes all my Wyze products like plugs and lights to cease functioning as well. Kinda makes me wish I had gone with a zigbee or z-wave brand of devices, because those seem to work for the most part when Wi-Fi is acting up. Back to my not being able to access the 2.4G network intermittently, Does anyone know if this has anything to do with my router repeaters, and is fixable, or could it possibly be coming from the upstairs router, or even the ISP? Any intuition would be appreciated. Thanks!

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How many other people are using the same wifi? Could be an issue with the amount of connections or clients the router has (yours plus other leases or the homeowner). Could be interference on the wifi channels the 2.4 is using.


I decided to buy a second router and test it on a separate port. Then maybe I can at least narrow it down to the router, or not router.

By the way, just me and the landlord most of the time. Single-family house. He has his daughter here a couple of times a week, and that’s it.

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It could be any number of things, from signal/channel interference, configuration issues, etc. The fact that the 5Ghz band remains working could help troubleshoot.

1- What do you do to fix the issue? Power cycle the repeaters… or it fixes itself… or you just have to reauthenticate?

2- Some settings you could check are whether or not they are set to use the same signal channels… if options like “fast roaming” or “fast handoff” are enabled or not, etc. Also check DHCP lease time and as mentioned above, what DHCP scope/pool (available addresses to be used) and whether you’re hitting the limit possibly.

3- Again, big question is do they auto fix themselves or do you have to reconnect manually.

4- What are the brands and models of the repeaters and we can go from there.

I’m a network engineer so I can likely help, but I need more info and knowing what features they have and how they are generally set up would certainly help a lot.

Get me this info and I’ll get back with you after I’ve had some sleep. Been a long few days for me.

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In my situation, instead of buying a second router I bought an access point. Fixed all my connection issues and provided a much higher wifi speed for my wireless entertainment devices (Roku, tablets, phones, tv). Hope the second router works for ya.

The second router didn’t work… long convoluted story, but what did work was changing the main router back to dynamic IP, and assigning the two router repeaters their Static IP addresses. Apparently, from what I’ve gathered so far, I was getting “the wrong password” all the time, because of duplicate IP’s, and the network was up the whole time, just as my landlord initially told me. It was just me and my devices that couldn’t access it. Go figure.

Thanks again! I will definitely look for you if this cure doesn’t fix it all.