Wyze Doorbell Questions and Feedback for WyzeWizards

Bought 2 of these - one for front door, one for side door. Pretty easy to install, except:

Issue #1 - it took me a while to connect because it refused to connect to 5GHz. I tried several times, on each unit to no avail. Signal strength is not a issue. I finally tried connected to 2.5 GHz and it connected with no problem. Do these not support 5GHz?

Issue #2 - Inconsistent sensitivity. I installed the one on my side door first. I left the sensitivity settings as it came - at 5. At that level, it catches all motion, it seems, within 5 feet. No complaint. However, when I installed the one for my front door - I also left the sensitivity setting at 5, but this time it wouldn’t detect any motion or record at any distance unless I wave my hand directly (like 2 inches) in front of it. I had to increase the sensitivity level gradually (set it at 50) for it to detect any motion at the door. Has anyone else experienced this?

Issue #3 - I assumed that multiple doorbell units can connect to multiple chimes simultaneously, in case you want plug the chimes in different rooms or different levels of the house. I tried to do this, but it seems each chime can only connect to one doorbell unit at a time. When I tried to set up one doorbell unit to both chimes, the second chime disconnected from the other doorbell unit. Am I doing something wrong, or is simultaneous connection to multiple units not supported?

Issue # 4 - when viewing the camera from an Alexa Show device, the image comes in sideways. Is there anyway to fix this?


all wyze products only use 2.4ghz…none use 5ghz

hopefully in time, we’ll be able to setup a rule to have a doorbell ring a chime that’s paired to another doorbell

the sideways image on alexa/google is a known issue, hopefully it will be fixed soon


Fwiw, during beta testing new dbs were coming online at 65 sensitivity. I’ve had to lower mine first to 50 and currently to 20. Ours is mounted on a side wall so basically views front door about 4 ft to the right, about 5 ft straight across to opposite wall and an open view to walkway and approach on left side. At 20, for mine, it seems to be reasonable to detect most motion while ignoring the tree shadows on the opposite wall unless it’s very windy. Also double check your detection zone settings. The latest has a grid selection method.


@ChemEngr, thanks for your feedback. Detection zone settings might be helpful, but I’m unable to locate that in the app. I just updated the device’s firmware yesterday, and my app also seems to be the latest version. What am I missing? Thanks!

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Doorbell doesn’t have detection zone feature yet. Coming soon. I see reference to it in Beta app release 2.18 and will also require a firmware update.


Ya, forgot it’s just in beta - 2.18.1(2) iOS has it with fw .226 - been beta testing so long, I forgot it’s in retail app now. Well, hang in, it should be coming to retail soon! Or if you feel adventurous, join the beta testing.

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Forgot it’s just in beta, sorry about that - it’s helped me cut down on the random shadow motion alerts, but play with the detection sensitivity, each view is a bit different so could be things on the periphery that skew it’s detection algorithms.

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I would rather wait for the detection zone to be available instead of receiving the product early, I have the same issue as described in Issue #2. I have the sensitivity set to 18, anything above this, it would trigger a motion alert almost every other minute. At 18, less alerts but it still capture a lot of motion except for an actual person. So i’m getting alert for everything except for things i actually want to get an alert for. I know wyze will work on improving their product overtime with firmware updates but this just make it seem like they are rushing incomplete products out the door. Had similar issue with outdoor cam which has gotten better with the updates but it makes it seem like I’m the beta tester instead of getting a completed product.


Good to know. I’ll try 18. Thanks!

Biggest problem I’m finding is about a 30 sec delay before getting a motion notification.

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I’m at 12-15 sec motion detection delay, would like it to be quicker. NOW if they hit the doorbell button, it’s only 2-3 sec, pretty quick.

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Honestly know one is really ringing my doorbell too often, so the motion detection is the most important to me. The ring I had was only a few seconds so definitely hoping they can cut the delay down a bit.


I agree, hardly anyone presses a doorbell these days. I don’t use cam plus, but you need it for person detection. I usually get motion alerts for people motion but it’s inconsistent and if someone just happens to stop to drop off a package but also happens to be in the cooldown period then you don’t get that motion - with no SD card option it’s even more limited since you can’t go back to see who might have come by. For my needs I’m just as well off using my old chime box bell and the V2 I have looking out at the entry area. At least the V2 announces on alexa devices.

I have a v3 redundant view with doorbell. Testing which one will be best. I do like notification when they hit doorbell tho…

I have a V3 mounted above my door looking along my porch. Once the Wyze Doorbell is available I will be adding that. Currently, I have the Eufy Doorbell. I like having both as they back each other up and the doorbell is lower and can watch things closer to the door. Might be overkill, but I like how it functions. :slight_smile:




A bit overkill!


Impressive Pics. It is amazing the quality we get from these camera’s

Being home and the slow speed of answering db via the app, my wife is at the door before I even get app open to the answer screen, that’s if they ring the db and the chime dings. Her home office area is next to the front entry. So my old school db would be just as useful in this case. Another problem is our db location on the sidewall can’t see directly under it, the protrudes too far out and does not angle, so when packages are left for us, we can’t see anything. I tried to shim it to about a 5 deg angle but it’s not enough - needs about 15-20 deg to see wall below it which would look really odd. Meanwhile the V2 is in the sidelight window inside on a shelf next to door and angled so it has best view of both the landing and approach. At this point, the db has little value. Hopefully they figure out how to create a unique ring notification with rapid audio answering capability along with an Apple watch app since I rarely carry my phone around the house.

I agree. Nice views. I have a similar setup, except my overview cam is a Kasa. It works well for me…

Wyze fan here… I have found that any outdoor camera (if you want any useful information out of it), HAS to have Cam Plus. The detection is really good for Cars, People, & Packages… soon Pets and Facial Recognition (maybe not that soon).

I have the doorbell, and (2) v3’s outside. First off, the v3’s have AMAZING night sight… amazing. They see so much. The doorbell does a good job of detecting people and alerting on that. Packages too. The only problem is for 1 of my v3’s that watches my driveway, at night, the cars driving by creating shadows off the mailbox or whatever else and it has a LOT of false positives… even with modifying the box and reducing sensitivity. It keeps detecting cars and people that aren’t there. But that’s only in the evening.

The great thing is using Person detection from the doorbell to turn on my porch light automatically. The door sensor then turns the light off after you go in.

If you were reading the latest about Ring, their Pro 2 ($250) is selling “better motion detection” with 3D motion and some other features that are supposed to cut down on false movements. So even a doorbell that is literally 5x the price of Wyze, is having a tough time… and their subscription is much higher.

Let’s be real… a doorbell that is a camera that detects people, cars, and packages at least 80% of the time is pretty futuristic and a wonderment of invention.