Wyze Doorbell Questions and Feedback for WyzeWizards

I’m dealing with another issue now, if anyone can help. I’m not getting any notifications on my phone. The cams work as they’re supposed to now… detecting and recording motion; the recordings are there in events, but I don’t get the notifications on my phone when motion or people are detected. This affects both doorbell cams and my wireless outdoor cam. I’ve gone into each cam’s settings to make sure that notifications are on. I’ve also gone into the phone’s notification settings to make sure that notifications for Wyze is on. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app; restarted each cam device. Still not getting notifications on my phone. It’s starting to drive me nuts. Anyone have ideas? Thanks!

I had Kasa on both front and back. But when v3 came out, I swapped out. The night vision on v3 is unbelievably good.

In regards to your notification issues, I am not experiencing this and can’t help. Sorry! Hope they get working soon!

It’s great you have such great performance and I can see living in different locations could demand more security… but for our situation I can’t see paying for camplus for stuff we don’t need or for a db cam that can’t see our packages - living in a guard gated community, and living very far from family, we just don’t get uninvited guests, no pets, no loose animals, no kids, no uninvited solicitation, no crime. Only reason I got the db is because I was invited to beta test it. It’s been interesting testing, but as I said, my V2 still does more for our situation and motion and person detection are sufficient. I’ll leave the db installed since I’m using the 2nd gen chime which has a lower volume - the current 3rd gen didn’t sound quite as pleasant for us. It’s nicer than the old school chime box and maybe one day the ring alert and answering ability will be more functional for those odd times someone does ring.

I’m also not getting any phone notifications from my Wyze Outdoor Cam even though I’ve triple-checked the notifications on both the camera and my phone. What’s the point of this cam if you can’t get any notifications from it?

Try resetting to factory settings then re-do the setup. Worked for me.