Wyze dead bolt

Wyze deadbolt

So far so good, this deadbolt works great and has a high quality fit and finish. I like the idea that it’s not connected to my wifi making it less vulnerable to hackers.

Bluetooth has is shortcomings as well, but less vulnerable from remote attacks.

With all this said I still would like to operate my deadbolt remotely.

WYZE can you add a Bluetooth dongle accessory that we can plug into the WCO base station or a V1 camera so we can remotely open and lock the deadbolt?

This would be a game changer and should be an easy add on to develop and rollout.emphasized text


I like my Bolt locks as well. Very nice design and functions well.

I believe the below wishlist item is in a similar vein, take a look and give it a vote


Add in a feature that if monitoring is set to away and the deadbolt is unlocked it sets off the alarm. One less door sensor you have to buy. :slight_smile:

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