Wyze DashCam

I’m curious if wyze can come up with a security baseboard cam for our cars like a better low jack if someone for instance my car was stolen Dec 21 2020 in some ones driveway they had a device that shut off the alarm system without any one hearing it there has to be a way that should that ever happen and they manage to get away a tracking device sends Beacon to the local police station and wyze notifying that a vehicle has been stolen and information of the vehicle is on root with coordinates .to untaint stolen vehicle .I wish I had that kinda of technology it would have saved Christmas and the pain of my granddaughters Christmas. Ruined

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I totally agree and given my biggest concerns with Chinese brands are the lack of privacy and quality control; Anker and Aukey do make decent products but I also believe Wyze could knock this out of the park (especially with Starlight and true 4K)

…and a 60fps framerate, supercapacitor and optional GPS module. :+1:



360 degree recording or 2x180 would be amazing. GPS for speed recording.

quick swivel to aim at the drivers side window, should the police approach to “chat” is a great option. Of course then we need sound recording.

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Can you make a affordable 4K Wifi 5 or Wifi 6 dash cam please?
One of those slim ones without a display that I can attached with a clamp to my rear view mirror.



  • GPS
    -Cloud storage

A dashcam mount would be cool. That’s if the camera can work outside of a Wi-Fi or if the app could be made to link to a phone via Wi-Fi - the way a car diagnostic tool works). A series of mounts for Wyze cams for a variety of situations could probably be feasible. I don’t think there’s a big market for dashcams in the US. I rarely see them on cars.

Thanks for the response! I have a feeling it’s a growing market and more people would want one if it was as affordable as your other products.
Looking forward to the watch release!

Maybe a bluetooth connection via usb at the back of the cam?
Bluetooth 4.0: 25 Megabits per second (Mbps)
4k streams at 8000-16000 kbps

Could bluetooth stream to phone and upload to cloud. Also can add gps info from phone gps.

So far Wyze seems geared towards the home automation market.

Now that I think about it I don’t see any company doing automotive computerized accessories at a Wyze-esque business setup. Albeit at a snail’s pace, automakers keep cutting off accessory makers at the knees with making stuff like Bluetooth connectivity, GPS navigation (remember Tom-Tom) and cupholders into standard features. All the while making dashboards very accessories UN-friendly. No built-in phone cradles means buyers will opt for Android or Apple interfaces.

It’s these hodge-podge additions that have made “Auto-PC” makers go bankrupt.

It is a growing market, but slowly. However, the absolute most important feature of any dash cam is reliability - you don’t want it to ever fail to record. Given it’s history with just about every product offered Wyze is the last company I’d buy a dash cam from on that basis alone.

If you buy cheap, you get cheap.

I already used it as a dash cam.
The site does not allow me to upload the video.
I used the V2, If they make the V3 with the black color, I will upgrade them.

How do you view the video without a Wi-Fi network?

when you park by home or if you have a hotspot in your car.

or skip it all together, and depend on the SD card, but that wont help if someone decides to bust into your car.



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So currently Ive got 360 cams mounted and hidden around my car, its a 2002 ive turned it into a smart car and gorgeous collectors item. so its prone to many prying eyes and living in a theft filled region, I want my car monitored 24/7. so the only probs with my cam is it doesnt dvr when the car or headunit is turned off, so I miss that.

A dash cam that holds a small lithium battery, can be hardwired to headunit via usb, or camera inputs, that recharges itself while car is running and when turned off detect motion or sound within 24 hours at least. make it small, discreet, cam on front, cam on back for passenger compartment, and cams on the side to pick up a full 360 of car, from just one unit maybe size of credit card? how likely could this work? I know id buy a handful no doubt. not so square, maybe a little aerodynamic to have the feel of a car design? definitely black or charcoal or tan to give options to interior color bc I like to hide wires and make things integrated myself. suction cup optional, mounting hardware included?


How much do you wanna devote to this?
City buses are set up this way: A separate, recharging battery; mobile modem/router with SIM card; power inverter; DVR/NVR; and IP cameras. It’ll record locally and let you view remotely if you pick the right system you can get it on your phone and your home. Monthly SIM charges.