Wyze DashCam

New Product: Vehicle Dash Camera / Backup Camera

I think Wyze should create a camera that can be used as a dash cam, and/or a backup camera. Maybe provide a small viewing monitor option for those who don’t want to view on their phones, or don’t have the ability to wire them in to an existing lcd radio they already have.

Should have features like “crash detection” sensing for sudden hits/stops. Continuous loop recording for front and rear cameras. An optional RCA out to connect to an existing vehicle-mounted monitor (such as a radio capable of receiving this signal). Would need to be able to operate 'off line", but have the ability to connect to wifi when available. Also the ability to add a third camera for the back of a trailer, for backing up.

I already use a Wyzecam outdoor to help backup my RV occasionally, but this would be something more specific-purposed than that.


Make a 3-Channel Dash Cam- battery operated/able to charge

I would love Wyze to make a safety dash cam. All the ones I see have to be wired to the car in some way. All of Wyze’s products are battery powered and have a great battery life. I’d love to see a dash cam that records in the cabin, in front of the car, and behind the car


Nooooo, you really do want to get power from the vehicle. Having the cameras battery powered only adds a major complication. You can however place as many Wyze cameras as you want. I currently have two and will likely add another one. Proved that the other guy ran the red light in a recent accident that I had.

Hey K6CCC, I have a daughter who is a new driver and then my wife’s vehicle. Instead of spending what I did with a large battery, the camera and probably every accessory, I want to try out the WYZE route see how it goes. I have a very nice dashcam from BlackVue and its amazing every bell and whistle (I went waaay overboard). I have a ton to ask you, so I’m gunna try and get as much info out of you if you don’t mind. I may have missed it but what cam did you use? Could you see license plate clear enough? Did you use the cigarette lighter plug to power the cam or to you run it off the fuse panel? Did you keep it running while your car was parked, using motion detection to start recording if in a parking lot? With the several cameras from Wyze do you think the outdoor one would be best because it may be able to handle the heat inside the car. That camera could be a problem because of the battery inside, so my guess would be V3. How can we get power to it so it can run just like at home? My questions are being asked at 2am Austin Texas time so please don’t be to hard on me. My questions are real not me being a smart a_s, sometimes in text it’s hard to tell the tone being given off. Anyone else please chime in. The BlackVue guys say going the route of a “capacitor” camera is better than one with a built in battery, all about the heat. Thanks in advance for any help, I’m definitely going to try and set up a Wyze system for my daughter aka speed racer. Anything I can do to get it to use the PLUS features could end up catching a bad guy

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You brought up great questions that I unfortunately cannot answer lol. 1) I never actually did it but I’ve been researching multiple different dash cam systems and I don’t like the idea of running wires everywhere 2) I actually never thought about the heat issue of leaving it in the car… even if I tried it with the outdoor v3 it probably gets too hot :frowning: . 3) but! My hopes is that Wyze sees this and figures out a technically sound answer to all of those issues :joy::joy::joy:. I have a Wyze indoor camera, the security system with 2 outdoor cameras and the doorbell so I thought it would be really cool to have the car cameras set up on one platform too. I seen another comment about being weary of having to charge them… in case it doesn’t catch a crash due to the battery running out but just like with all other Wyze products… I’m assuming it would alert you when the batteries are running low and maybe they would have a feature where it could be plugged into a USB charger :woman_shrugging:t4:

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Someone [sort of] asked about this in the AMA today with the VP of Product. But they only asked about a “WiFi Dashcam” so it’s possible he’s only talking about the WiFi capability of it, and not a general Dashcam.:


On the dashcam subject - Perhaps a different firmware would satisfy most people’s desires? I know it’d make me happy. Hear me out:

  • Wyze wrote firmware to turn a V2 into a webcam…
  • Wyze wrote firmware to make the V2 & Wyze Car work, stand-alone…
  • Wyze wrote firmware that made the Wyzecam Outdoor work in vacation mode (without wifi)…

Is it really out of the realm of possibility to combine some of that code to make a V3 capable of start/stop/view past recordings over a direct wifi connection to a personal device without an internet connection?

…and then you’re only one small step away from making it live-viewable on a phone/tablet, which basically means it can be a backup camera that a person can view on their phone screen (and you’d have to manually turn it on/off). For me it would be perfect for backing up long trailers into tight places.


That would be amazing. I didn’t think about the Wi-Fi part but does it need continuous wi-Fi to store videos? Like… could it just use an SD card… and when near wi-fi just use it to view videos on the app?


If Wyze does go ahead with making a DashCam, these would be my suggestions:

SUPERCAPACITOR: It should have a supercapacitor built in, rather than Li-Ion batteries, both for safety and efficiency concerns.

COLLISION DETECTION: Software should have parked and/or driving mode collision detection with autosave/locked event file on the microSD/Cloud.

SAVE MULTIPLE WIFI NETWORKS: Software should have the ability to save and later connect automatically to those saved networks when in range. These can be used to upload events on the home network, mobile hotspot, work network, school network, etc Suggested maximum of 6-10 networks per device.

GPS/SPEED DETECTION: Software should have the toggle option to get and display GPS Location, and vehicle speed on the video/stream when driving.

CAM PLUS OPTION-LICENSE PLATE RECOGNITION: Subscription model to allow for License Plate Recognition, with software option to recognize if a license plate shows up numerous times while the car is being driven on the road; this would allow for possible notifications for ‘suspicious activity’. Software reports for ‘suspicious activity’ should be an option as well, and could be combined with GPS data to store when the ‘suspicious’ vehicle was first and last detected, and all other dates and locations it was detected. This would be very useful for security conscious persons such as myself, especially where I live.

RECENT EVENT HARDWARE BUTTON: A dedicated physical button on the device to allow for an event that occurred in the past 30 seconds to 1 minute to be automatically save when clicked once, to the Events tab; and the software could have the option that two clicks of the button would save the event as well as lock it on MicroSD/Cloud.

PHYSICAL DESIGN AND INCLUDED ACCESSORIES: Design should be minimalist in nature, with a small blue blinking status light (with possible software toggle, if not wanted by the user) facing towards the windshield indicating when it is running to deter thieves when parked (but off when driving for safety). Accessories should include a suction cup to easily mount to the windshield and all necessary cables for power installation to a 5V USB port, as well as a direct 12V connection cable option. A modular, premium physical add-on option, should allow the Wyze Dashcam to be hardwired to the Vehicle’s Alarm system to allow for remotely activating a “Panic Mode” for the Car Alarm if the user wants to do so.

Another modular option, would be to allow to add a second ‘rear’ camera that would be sold separately as a premium add-on.

These ‘Add-on’ modular options can be sold separately for ~US$15-20/each for those that want the premium option. All premium options would require a Wyze Dashcam subscription to work.

The subscription model of the Wyze Dashcam should be similar to the pricing of the Cam Plus subscription or can be added to the Cam Plus subscription.

You can use the sensor of the V3, since it seems to have a very good wide angle, as well as able to do WDR if tweaked correctly without the use of the IR LEDs.

Those are just my thoughts, as I am sure Wyze can build what is mentioned above, and still be affordable at ~US$50-$65/unit which would definitely take the market by storm. Hopefully when you do make this, I get one for free since I am suggesting all of the design that would make your product extremely marketable :slight_smile:

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@johnldasilva :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Wow!!! You can’t event get the battery powered WCO for that. You can get a dash cam that will do most of you want in the $299.00-$399.00 range with front, cabin and rear cams, and dual band Wi-Fi connected to an app on your phone.

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Those companies have a different business model than Wyze, yet those companies still would have an extremely low production cost and do an very large margin for their units. So even though the retail you suggested is $299-$399, production costs per unit are still extremely low. Btw, Dashcams with the similar features I described do not sell for $299-399, as models are available from brands such as Rexing and Anker that are more in the range of $100-200; do not certain where your figures are from. Please note that I did not suggest a cabin cam, as it’s not a necessity and a rear cam cam can be repurposed to do the same job.

But again, that’s why there were also suggestions for premium addons in my post which require a subscription, as the subscription model is better than a single purchase and can recoup costs and provide a good source of returning customers.

If you want a rear cam add-on, you need to be a subscriber to the service; if Wyze decides to go the route of doing the same by adding a cabin cam add-on option, you would need to have an active subscription attached to the camera for it to work. One subscription can cover basic recording, and another slightly higher subscription can cover the addition of hardware addons as an extra feature.

Once again though, Wyze, is not a company like Aukey, Anker, or Rexing… Wyze is better, and has more of an understanding on how to produce, sell at low markups, and then make a profit off of low cost subscriptions; which is a much better business model.

Hmm, you can pay $399 and $299 on their website, or you can buy the same camera which is regularly on a promo on Amazon for $199 like it is now for a lightning deal.

Rove R3

BTW, Rove although a US company is made in China…so again, costs are extremely low. And if list price is $399 and it’s selling for $199; it not only devalues their product but it should also raise red flags and give you more insight into the actual quality of their product. It should be noted that they identify their product as “Rove” to confuse unwitting shoppers with a product of much higher quality made by Anker, which is their “ROAV” product line.

Again, Wyze, has a much better production quality, at the same low cost and a much better business model.

Peoples opinions are generally representative of a collection of their experience. Each of us have different collections of experiences both good and bad


I have the Rove R2-4K and I paid $99.76 including tax for it on Amazon in November 2021. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the quality or performance. The 2880x2160P @24FPS makes a good video, but large files. I use the 1920x1080 @60FPS for my driving. “WYZE, has a much better production quality”, really? you need to read more of the forum post. :rofl: I have three V3 cams and four Version 1 WCO. They serve my purpose but I wouldn’t say they had a great quality. **** But I already knew “You get what you pay for”. :upside_down_face:

I have a pair of Garmin mini 2’s … What I really need is a dual 4k mini 2. 4K both cameras, same package … one looking forward, on looking back into the cabin and out the rear windows. Record all video (and optional sound) on the SD card. Be able to up load segments via WIFI or pull the SD card out to a PC. Maybe a little voice control … save video, take picture. I don’t need a screen, I need small. I need 4K HD. I need support up to a 512 GB SD card. And a need a connector that won’t pop out with low forces ( NO USB-C !!). I need a polarized lens option.

I hope the tech people at Wyze are reading these posting.
I think getting into the dash cam business would be a big win for them.
Dash cam should be very small so you can conceal them in your car
Battery similar the outdoor cam
4K video
Integrated with Alexa

Great suggestions

I would say super capacitor instead of battery. The cams still work when the battery dies as long as they are powered but if you get in an accident and the vehicle looses power the last file is not saved or locked. That would be the file you needed the most.

I want one too. I’m looking forward to this. I want to replace my old one. I hoped it’s out soon.