Wyze dashcam to the rescue

Kidding aside, that would be a good idea. We have 2 million residents. Wherever there’s a lot of collisions they’ve adjusted that red light “purgatory” to reduce accidents. It works. Anecdotally, the accidents that end up on the news are collisions between cars and inanimate objects or light breezes. AGAIN, dash cams don’t fix any of this. This is such a niche market for Wyze to lose money in.

I never stated dash cams fixed anything, you sound like you got 'burned" by one. Guilty as charged :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Apparently you have never been in a traffic collision where there was an independent witness to the accident that was able to testify. I have been on both sides of that - the person that was very thankful that there were witnesses, and also as the witness to an accident.
Although not done as much, at least when I learned to drive (almost 50 years ago), it was either highly encouraged or required by law to advise the parties involved or law enforcement if you were a witness to an accident.

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Sure, dad. I’m sure looky-loo is a great post-retirement hobby.