Wyze cordless vacuum whining noise

Has anyone else experienced this?
Vacuum making a high pitched squeal when pushing forward. Took out and reinstalled filters, no change. Seems to be coming from the motor/fan area

Pinged a couple of members I know that have this device for their feedback to your question as I do not have one…

But as an OCD cleaner :slight_smile: Out of curiosity,…
Has this been happening since day one?
Do you have a tall or thick napped carpet? could be a strain on the motor if the brush isn’t turning freely on a high nap.

Could be an issue with the device and may warrant a call to support:

Support can be reached at; Online Ticket WYZE Support Live support is available: +1-206-339-9646 Monday - Friday 4 am -8 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT


This will happen on bare floors, or low pile carpet. Only happens when pushed forward, I’m guessing flex in the body?
The sound is not coming from the floor brush, its the main motor/fan area.

I tested mine and don’t hear any high pitched noises while using the Cordless Vacuum. I seem to recall that some may have went out without an O-Ring on the Dirt Cup. Wonder if this could be the issue and some air is escaping causing the high pitched sound.

Here is a link which should provide you with where to look.


I have not experienced this yet. I like R.Good’s advice about contacting support to see if they’ve heard of this (I prefer the email option myself). Could be worth checking the o-ring/gasket too.


Mine developed the whine after a few months and my gasket is still in place and fine. My whine occurs at all speeds and with and without attachments. It started after a few months of use and is horribly annoying. My dogs run from the room.

Same issue. More than twice as loud (high pitch) as when first started using. Couldn’t find any info online about to fix his with Wyze. Started googling other cordless vacuums. They suggest that it may be air blockage near the motor. Anyone tried taking the motor assembly apart to clean?

Ok. I didn’t take apart the motor, but did use my compressor to blow out all of the inlets and outlets from the motor to remove dust. That worked. It’s back to sounding normal.

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Great to hear you resolved your issue. :+1:

For future reference and assuming you are referring to the Wyze Cordless Vacuum and not the Wyze Handheld Vacuum or Wyze Robot Vacuum, the cordless vacuum head assembly isn’t made for ease of disassembly/reassembly. It will probably void the warranty. Disassembly involves removal of many different sized screws and separating snap-together parts. The area where the motor is located is sealed off from vacuuming dust/hair/debris. The motor is a sealed unit other than the end that drives the belt pulley:

Belt part numbers in case you’re looking for a replacement:

Once you’ve endured the process of head disassembly/reassembly, you’ll probably opt for buying a new turnkey assembly (currently out of stock) next time to save the pain: :grin: