Wyze Color v1 vs v2 bulbs

My Wyze color bulbs were blowing out once every few months. I kept getting free replacements. I actually felt guilty so I paid for two new color bulbs this time around.

After replacing the one colored bulb and setting it up in the app, I noticed that the color palettes were different between the replacement and older bulbs I had.

Upon inspecting the bulbs, there appears to be a v2 of the color bulb. I’m assuming Wyze updated their design to better handle color palette and perhaps resolve issues of burning out and connection problems.

Here’s a comparison for those replacing or adding:

It’s Halloween month:

The older bulbs display the orange more of a lime color whereas the new v2s are truer color.

Anyway, just posting this in case someone else may find this informative and helpful.


I saw someone report a similar finding on Reddit recently. It is good to have a post about this in here. :+1: Nice catch SirDom. I agree with you that the coloring looks more true with the new ones, especially based on your photos. Great examples! Thanks for sharing.

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