Wyze Color Bulb Random

After setting up my Color Bulb by jumping through all the hoops of ‘Creating Rules’, it only RANDOMLY follows those as ‘Suggestions’. I’ve completely reset and reprogramed and yet, (I’ll be generous) it only turns on and off at pre-set times about 50% of the time : (

Just changing the on time for DST was a mission to cancel rule, then create rule just to change time. I tried but nothing worked until I cleared it out and started over. I’ve not even ventured into anything other than ‘On and Off’ time and the light settings for that. The reliability of programming is ‘0’.

I’d say, “What am I doing wrong” but it does work . . . sometimes. Is this any indicator of Wyze in general or a faulty bulb? I see the potential of it’s usefulness but I can’t get past the trouble setting up and hitting ‘Save’ a dozen times, only to have it work 1/2 the time.