Wyze Color Bulbs - Weird behaviors

I have 5 color bulbs + 1 original bulb currently installed on the same wifi network, all with different rule sets assigned.

Two of the color bulbs are part of a group. This morning, neither of them came on at the specified time. Looking in Rules History, usually the run attempt is logged and marked with a failure/error. Nothing however was logged about this. No big deal sometimes these things happen, random glitch etc. I turned on manually with the app and they went off later at the correct time.

However just now, a completely different color bulb with an on/off rule came ON completely outside of the specified time - about 75 minutes early. Again, nothing logged in History though I didn’t expect to see anything. After all, the rule was set to run 75 minutes after the bulb poltegeisted itself on.

The other bulbs seem to be working fine and rules are running properly. All firmware is updated, etc.

Just curious if anyone else is having this issue with the Color bulbs (or the original bulbs for that matter)?

I am not having any issue with my color and standard bulbs. In the recent past, there was a potential AWS issue which caused grouped bulbs to have issues. I removed the group and they worked perfectly. This issue was reported to have been corrected and, I believe, had to do with Amazon.

In any event, since the issue seemed to be with Rules calling grouped bulbs, I would modify the Rule to call the actual bulbs and see if the rule works. In addition, I noticed that in my actions I had the Group referenced first and then my strip light. The grouped action had issues which then canceled the rule with nothing being reported in the Rules History. I moved the Strip Light to be first then the group and found that the Strip light did work but the group again failed.

When, and if, you test this, and you still have the problem, I would reach out to wyze and submit a log and get a ticket. Please post it here as well so that Wyze can link the two together.

Simple thing to test and see.


What settings do you have for power loss? Are the bulbs configured to be ON? OFF? Last state? Might have been a power blip for this one.