Wyze Color Bulb Pro - Black/UV Light + Same Colors We Love

I don’t know about you all, but I like getting metal posters from a certain place that I won’t name here. Recently, I acquired a poster with UV reflective paint/ink that really looks good when I shine my tiny black light flashlight on it. The problem though, is the size of the light I currently have. It works great if I want to look at a small portion of the poster, but to get the full effect, I’ll need a bigger and brighter light source. That’s where I hope this idea comes in. There exists a more expensive competitor that has a “cleaning” bulb and I’m not sure that a.) it will work for what I want it to and b.) my budget allows. I mean I can get 4 color bulbs from Wyze for close to the same price for one of those bulbs.

Personal reasons aside, the bulbs could be used for other things than just art displays. Think Halloween decorations or parties. Think murder mystery parties. Heck, if you feel like setting up a laser tag arena in your house these hypothetical bulbs would give that feel like the arenas you have to pay to get into. Similarly, businesses could enhance their arenas with these proposed bulbs to give off a more interesting experience. Once any party or game is done, simply tell the bulb(s) to switch off the black light and turn on what passes as a calm hue to wind down with before moving on to something else.

I don’t know… I see how this could benefit me and only think I know how it could benefit all of you, but the limits of my imagination are fairly small. Looking back on what I wrote, my idea is very much… crude(?)… quite a bit unrefined, but hopefully what I said gets my point across and my wish gets some momentum to it.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my idea. I look forward to the community helping me refine my suggestion into a more concrete and detailed concept moving forward!

Have a great day!

  • MrAwkwardShadow

As a general rule of thumb, blacklight bulbs are blacklight only, and RGB based bulbs are visible light only. It takes different LEDs inside - so not something you can just tell a RGB based bulb to do.
Could a RGB + UV light be built? Yes. Practical? Likely not.


One thing that could be done, is if there is a black/UV smart bulb, you could put it in a separate light fixture or lamp, and then set up rules to have one turn on when the other turns off or the other way around. Different rules could decide when to have which bulb showing to basically make it work this way. But I agree, I don’t see this happening within the same bulb…possible to do within the same light fixture with 2 different bulbs though. That’s a great option if a smart black light bulb becomes available.

The biggest use case for this is clean areas. There are actually solutions for this out there. Especially in the shower, I want to have a uv light when I’m not using it or controlled on a timer to come on while I’m sleeping to keep any mold away. And then a regular light switch after that. I would LOVE to have a whole home automation to uv everything when I am asleep. Not to mention covid itself, this would kill covid and other things we don’t want in our house not only mold in the bathrooms. This could change the way we keep our houses and bathrooms clean .

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