Wyze Color Bulb Mod

So I have been going a bit ham with the Wyze Bulbs in my house since the release of the BR30s.

I have this farmhouse modern light fixture above my kitchen island that I tried putting color bulbs in but really just didn’t like the look with all the white of the collar and the text on the bulb. So I passed.

Fast forward and I wanted them again but changed the base up a little to match the fixture.

A little spray paint, some painters tape, a homemade spray box and voila. I’m happy. And Club Kitchen is even more colorfied :grin:

The white is subdued with a matching silver color


That looks great! I never thought about doing this!

I just imagine a rule where all the bulbs strobe red and all the cams siren. That would be a great alarm system :rofl:

Your whole house is just flashing red

I actually do this for my leak detectors.

When’s leak is detected the sirens on my indoor capable cams go off and the color bulbs that I had in play (now a lot more I need to add) strobe red.