Rainy night in Wisconsin, color bulbs April 24, 2021

Playing with various Wyze color bulb options


I like the look of these as a group outside…I might have to install more outside light housings

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Impressive, I just hooked up the in-laws with 5 color bulbs. This caused me to order more as I am putting them outside as well. :slight_smile:


Looks cool. Maybe avoid using just red light though…you might get people making house calls for the wrong reasons due to a misunderstanding :rofl:


I’ve got 8 color bulbs and am struggling to find a place to use them.

Do you have V1 Wyze Bulbs you can swap color ones for?

Also, get some cheap desk lamps or something, and put color bulbs in those, then set up rules to trigger the bulbs to flash a certain color for 5-10 seconds whenever a certain sensor opens, or a person is detected on a certain camera. I love that in my office. I leave my main lights working normal, but use a color bulb to alert me when my wife gets home, or someone is at the front door, or if a door or something was left open, etc. without an annoying sound or alarm for everything. It’s my new favorite use for the color bulbs.


I think the purple looks best, if u hang a Vikings flag it would look even better :slight_smile: