Id like to see some more choices in ICON availability in the Colored bulb settings on the App

Can we have a better choice of icons LIKE, a Ceiling Fan with 4 light fixtures, i have the color bulbs in all my ceiling fans, & this :bulb: is the closest icon i got for a ceiling fan…

Check your library of available ICONS & perhaps add it in there please.

Also could be get a feature, we can choose to use where when the wyze thermostat kicks on the A/C the wyze colored bulbs flash bright blue & the opposite when the Wyze Thermostat kicks the heat on the bulbs flash bright red for a second, or when a specific person comes home there connected phone gps can make the lights flash a specific color. Letting every Wyze colored bulb viewer in the house know [oh, yellow] moms home or flash like green for another family member

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ve looked and unfortunately can’t find a good icon in our library for a ceiling fan, but we’ll keep looking.

Also, just wanted to let you know I love your idea for the blinking feature and am excited to say we’ll be launching it soon!

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Sweet! Im happy i could recommend a *New & interesting idea… I really hope people love the idea as much as i do.

Does AN IDEA IMPLEMENTATION DESIGN IDEA get rewarded with a free, Robot vaccum…

Any updates?