Wyze Color Bulb first impressions

The color bulb is too dim for it’s LED wattage. The 75 equivalent wattage doesn’t seem to produce more light than my existing 60 equivalent wattage daylight led bulb I have.

Amazon has color bulbs at similar or lower price points and no shipping to pay for prime.

It seems like too much hype with advertisement and that hype is not sure being met.

Interesting. In my experience they were a little too bright, so where we used to have 2 normal lightbulbs, we replaced them with a single Wyze bulb and then still dimmed them all considerably…we basically never use any of them at 100%, and rarely put more than 1 in a room because it’s already too bright just with the one bulb.

Still, I agree there some good price options on Amazon. I bought 3 different kinds for my daughter, but they all had problems for us. one brand completely died after a few months of use (Wyze’s should last 20+ years at 3hrs/day). Some of the color bulbs I bought off Amazon were a pain to get to connect to my router and one brand wouldn’t connect at all. I finally had to give up and just throw them away. Having now tried out a total of 5 different kinds of smart bulbs, I do have to say Wyze’s are my favorite so far, and I love that they can connect via bluetooth to still work even when there are internet problems (which happens frequently with our Xfinity)…so that is a huge plus for us that isn’t offered by very many other smart color bulbs in same price range.

Nonetheless, I totally understand that others are not happy with the Wyze price point, especially when there are other options on Amazon in the same range, and a little cheaper. I was very unhappy with several of those, though perhaps they just had a conflict with my router or something. I am sure they work well for most people since they keep selling a bunch.

Still, I do hope that Wyze adds a lot more functionality to these in the future. I really wish they would make a set of bulbs that could function completely locally through home assistant or something instead of requiring internet.


I got the bulb for our kids bedroom that has a 800 lumen bulb and that performed better than Wyze. So I have to repurpose for now. I am debating returning, but it could help for decoration or Halloween, Christmas, etc. especially if they give the ability to blink at various intervals, change colors automatically, etc.