Wyze Climate Sensor Dissection Pics

Dissection pics of the Wyze Climate sensors. Not much to tell others than these are the pieces and parts.

And as always, I assume full responsibility of taking this device apart. I did put it back together and it functions as intended.
All pieces

Front of Board Battery Side

Back of Board



Casing With Board

Casing with Board and Battery holder

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I’m glad it uses a different chip from the other contact sensors :slight_smile:


Just wondering… what firmware version is loaded on that sensor and when did you receive it?

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I had six from pre-order, ordered 3 more (got them yesterday 1/31, ordered mid last week, had a I backed sticker in the box).

These came with, which is the same FW as all my others. No FW updates when I deployed.


Thanks! :+1:

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I’m guessing that means that everything in the first production line get the stickers included (ie: all the preorders plus all the initial batch that is allowed for regular ordering).

Nice pix @R.Good :slightly_smiling_face:
Now if we could just reverse engineer it to make it control the climate! :grin:


Hello R.Good.
In the takedown of the climate sensor, were there any mushroom-headed stand-offs or glue that had to be removed?

There was not, all snap downs. I used a utility knife in the seams to break down.


Thanks, R.Good.

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Isn’t this in the same TI Simplelink family? ( like CC1310?) I doubt if they wouldn’t leverage the same development as their other sensors.

I honestly can’t find much of anything about this chip. But it doesn’t seem to have the CC1310 identifiers as labeled on all the other CC1310 chips I’ve seen. And same family or not, TI indicated the brownout issues only happen in revisions A & B of the chip, and A has not been manufactured since April 2017, so the contact sensors have used Revision B, and this one is different from those, and it can’t be revision A, so regardless of it being in the same family there shouldn’t be a BOD Brownout issue. Thus I am okay with it. At least that’s my train of logic…

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Yes, probably mass production without markings. They still use the same hub, so the RF and protocol are most likely the same. I appreciate your teardown. It was good (and I didn’t have to cut another one…LOL). Thanks.