Wyze Charging but Not Providing Services Paid for (POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE)

Does anyone know how to deal with the POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE OF WYZE???


  1. Chat bot very limited - which is OK if they provided a phone number to customer service to deal with issues out of the norm.

  2. Very Difficult to find Customer Service number - got it off online bill.

  3. My Specific Issues - copy paste from my 4th email in thread (but like at least 3 other emails to support previously not fixed associated to some of the same issues going back to 5/25/2023.

That is what I thought. When I cancel I get to use the service that I paid for and it just will not renew (PLEASE LOOK AT DATES OF SERVICE TERM). If you look at my account and look at the cancelled service (WHICH DON’T SHOW UP NOW ON MY ACCOUNTS/WYZE PORTAL - NO HISTORY OF CANCELED SERVICES ON MY SIDE- THIS NEEDS FIXED)

Are you even looking at the details of what I have requested???

Look at each of my ITEMS that I listed??? Please look at this again and don’t respond until you digest it.
1.2 The 10 Cam I paid $107.74 for 3/22/23 to 3/24/24 which was cancelled like 5 days ago is no longer on my account?? Am I getting a refund? I thought i was cancelling the automatic renewal? I should be able to see this on my account STILL and be able to use it until 3/22/24??? it’s not on my account/WYZE PORTAL anymore???

1. If the $44.97 subscription 10/21/23 is cancelled. I should not have been charged in first place but its on my VISA. When will I see a refund on my credit card? I CANCELLED THIS WHILE IT WAS PENDING AND TALKING TO THE WYZE REP (LIKE 4 DAYS AGO), THEY SAID THEY WOULD TAKE CARE OF IT??? It should not have charged my account but Wyze Did??? If I’m charged then I should be able to use it until subscription period is up??? IT’S NOT SHOWING ON MY WYZE ACCOUNT? I"m frustrated. I should be refunded and if not I should be able to use the service until end of paid period. IT’S NOT EVEN SHOWING ON MY ACCOUNT???

  1. When will I be refunded the 07/24/23 Charge for $89 for Cam Plus Unlimited plan - I never got the service??? where is the service on my account??? I paid for it (I SENT VISA BILL PREVIOUSLY)?? YOUR SYSTEM CHARGES AND DOES NOT GIVE SERVICE???

  2. When will i be refunded the 5/25/23 charge for $99 for Cam Plus Unlimited plan and I never got the service??? SAME AS ABOVE - where is the service on my account (I SENT VISA BILL PREVIOUSLY)??? I paid for it?? YOUR SYSTEM CHARGES AND DOES NOT GIVE SERVICE???


Felt I needed to post here and hear from others because this is not right! Wyze has many issues to fix in their system or they will have frustrated customers like me. I have spent over $1000 on their products. Not trying to hurt Wyze, just want them to take care of customer service, fix issues in their system and refund me for services paid for but not provided (I gave them copies of my Wyze Visa Charges) which don’t always show up on the my Wyze Portal/account.

Are you looking on the app or the WYZE Web site at your account. I recently changed from 4 cam CP which expires in Feb.2024 and got the Unlimited. The 4 cam service is still usable until it expires, there are no refunds anymore like they used to do. If they charge me for the cancelled plan in Feb. I will be here to write comments just like you. I use the Web site only for any kind of purchase from WYZE including Cam Plus.

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Hello @brettmb2

I am sorry you are having these frustration with the customer support team. I would like to see if I can get someone to look into it and get things resolved. I don’t have access to the things I would need to look into it myself but may be able to get it in the hands of a manager to look into. Do you have any ticket numbers from the times you contacted support? If so can you post them or DM them to me and I will get them to someone who can look into them?


Here is my most current Ticket # regarding the Issue. Note I called in and Wyze Rep had to kick me up to a higher support Level - who response I have an issue with.

[Wyze Ticket 3403326] Re: Cam Plus | Not Showing On The Account

All the subscriptions I had and cancelled within last 4-5 days are no longer on my portal (THEY ARE GONE). I would have thought they would show cancel because I still had time on some of them per my posting.

Plan was to get an unlimited plan which I paid twice and never received. I’m busy and missed it and just thought they refunded me or did not charge me. I was charge twice plus the recent pending charge $44.97 that did not get cancelled (it’s not on my Wyze Portal and no refund).