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this is a billing and customer service dispute. i am reporting your company to the BBB, i have tried for 3 months to resolve subscription issues and to no satisfaction. NOW A WOMAN NAMED “LIZA” AT LEAST THATS WHAT IT SOUNDED LIKE… from the phillipines had the balls to hang up on me when she could not answer what i was asking. you h ave NO customer service, no way of getting in touch with you people. never answer emails, and support chat is full of crap! i had been a believer in your company from the very beginning, with promises of better service, and the young small company trend. YOU ARE NO LONGER ADHEREING TO THIS! it is $$$$$. getting to big for britches. and i will be telling allllll the people who have started using your service about the bad servicing as there are many who are my personal friends, family and others. time to step up to the plate. will be reporting asap. no thanks necessary!!! deb

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You do realize that this is a user forum…no one from Wyze is likely to see your complaint here.

YES, i am at my witts end. nothing and no one will contact me and i’ve been trying for 3 months now. this co. i hope at some point will see something and make some changes real soon. i have looked for suggestions how to contact, emailed, written, texted, messaged, phone call after phone call, chats, etc. IF this is how they run their business everyone should know. thanks for you reply.

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Can you elaborate on what the billing dispute is about?

r u from wyze?

Ha…. No. But if you would describe the issue you’re having perhaps we (non-Wyze users) can help, or one of the mavens can escalate your Support ticket.

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thanks, it has to do with the subscriptions. been trying to cancel auto pays for months on 2 different deductions.

Like others have said this is a user to user community, so you most likely won’t find any interaction from Wyze. However if we’re able to understand your issue more we may be able to escalate it to the proper people who can deal with this.

So it sounds like you are trying to cancel your cam plus subscription, but your not able to. Is that correct?

Did you purchase it from the app or the website?

i was trying to get REAL answer first… is it for ALL CAMERAS, or per camera. no definite answer as phillipine people hung up on me.
then it doesnt work with all cameras most of the time.
it constantly disconnects. sometimes only takes jpg pics, then won’t change night to day video color, etc. i’m at witts end with their entire line of products. they keep expanding crap and dont fix all the other bugs and issues.

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Hello @Dlano,

I am from Wyze and I do apologize for the experience you have had. When you contacted customer service did you get a ticket number, if so could you post it here so I can start looking into what happened?