Wyze centercode beta questions


I recently purchased my first Wyze products, the Wyze Color bulbs (13w) 4-pack. I had tried many other options previously but the CRI on most are pretty low. I’m very happy with the high CRI on these bulbs and might even get more to replace ALL the smart bulbs in my house. That said…

I’ve been a member of BetaBound for many years and taken part in many, many tests for them. I have previously done QA and hardware testing for the likes of Microsoft (do any of you remember the MSNTV set top internet box with the dial-up modem? And the Zune HD players), some big name mobile phone makers that I can’t name, GE Cync and more. My profiles on centercode are widespread and distinguished.

I’ve been applying for Wyze projects for, at I’d say over a year now, and always get the email that I wasn’t selected. I do appreciate that you guys send those emails out as most don’t. But I’m wondering how much selection is affected by whether or not the applicant is a Wyze customer. There are only a few options a person can add as a test platform (centercode users know what this is) and none of them ask about Wyze products ownership. But many of the surveys do ask to indicate if or what Wyze cameras are owned. I’m wondering if owning a Wyze cam is preferential? I’ve certainly heard good things about Wyze cameras but have not used one myself. I have a Yi Home 1080p that I got just for hacking with custom firmware, several Blink cams, and a Vimtag that I love. But I’m looking to replace my 1080p cameras because, well, I’d like to know more than whether it’s a light or dark object moving past :joy:

Maybe it’s just that my ego is hurt a little (Wyze is the only centercode project who has never selected me!) :sweat_smile:But I’m wondering if Wyze is preferential to people who already own Wyze cams? Ive been lucky enough to make informed decisions on almost all my smart home products purchases due to experiences with products I’ve tested. So I’m just looking for maybe a little insight from Wyze themselves on whether the selection process is entirely random amongst all candidates who meet the requirements or if there’s anything that might increase my chances? I always appreciate the “rewards” provided from various test projects but what I like most is the opportunity to uncover minor and sometimes major glitches. One in particular I’m proud of discovering for an unnamed company is the camera’s inability to scan QR code for setup that only affected some customers, was entirely due to the screen refresh rate on their phones. The camera couldn’t capture the QR code cleanly because the refresh rate could never sync with the camera.

Anyway, I’ll see myself out now :shushing_face: thanks in advance Wyze :yum:

My Profile > Basic Profile includes questions about what devices you own. Don’t forget the extended profile also! :slight_smile:

As for how often you may get selected, the odds are not great. You do need to match the requirements for the test, and have that info entered into your Centercode profile so they can see that. However, they have about 18-20k applicants in the system, and probably get 7-8k applications per test. But since they have a VERY limited number of prototypes, the odds of being selected are normally pretty slim.

There are also other variables, like California has the most applicants in the system, but they can’t fill up their tests exclusively with people from California. They also need a spread of ages, genders, etc.

So understand that selection odds are normally low.


Awesome, thanks. Yes, I’m in California so that surely doesn’t help. I’ll recheck my basic profile, though I think it’s updated.

I understand it’s pretty low, especially with not having to answer the essay questions like most other CenterCode tests (I always like those questions… well, usually). Was just curious how much ownership affects it, if at all. Thank you for the response!


I would argue that for Wyze if it affects selection at all, which in my discussions with people at the company I’ve not known it to be a factor directly except (and I’m always saying this as an assumption on my part not on the part of Wyze) for things such as add-on devices like the V3 spotlight. I could see having already been used to the app and being able to navigate to certain areas of the settings and understanding how they work being a lot easier for someone who is much more familiar with devices and their layout. But again I’ve never been told by anyone at Wyze that ownership is preferential to non-ownership. In fact I’m quite certain that for some tests it could actually be the inverse as understandably each device will have their own first time users and that device will be their entry into the ecosystem so being able to learn easily is a huge thing. Sorry that’s not as direct an answer as you’re looking for but merely my own speculation :slight_smile:


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