Anyone here beta testing the Wyze home monitoring system?

Is anyone here beta testing the Wyze home monitoring system that can compare it to other DIY systems like Simplisafe or ring?

Hello! For any new thing, your going to have to wait until more info comes from the official announcement, from allowed sources or Wyze themselves. Beta testers are under a NDA and Gwen has eyes :eyes: on eeeeeeverything, so i doubt much will be said until launch. :slight_smile:

If you are interested in the beta program here are some links to be more informed as to how that works:


Very true! Testers can’t even say if they’re testing or not for many reasons.


Well that’s unfortunate. I know more official info is coming on Tuesday from the email I received but the competition is on steep sale now and I’m not sure for how much longer. I already have a small arsenal of ring cams, but id rather support Wyze, The wife is all over me to get something sooner rather then later.

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