WYZE Car - Tryna Catch Me Ridin'

Some new bling for the extra ports on the Battery pack
This ones for you @mvb !

@HDRock @a1goodidea


:joy: :+1: that’s great
I put mine out in the driveway the other night 1:30 AM then took off down the road and ended up getting lost ,
I couldn’t figure out where I was so, I had to go out and look for it, it was way down the road , I was still connected though , luckily I left it near the side of the road and I left the headlight on so the truck that came down the road didn’t run over it


WORV was getting busy in the grass too… she was feeling the power this eve. Rolling like a champ. Grass kicking up and all.


Love it!!
Let’s do the WYZE thing

I love it!

I have yet to take mine out of the basement. But, after I cut the hay field that was my lawn, I’m going to do some off-roading.

That’s cool