Wyze New Product Announcement 9/21/2021

Wyze has a new product they are announcing tomorrow.

Who can guess what it is?

I guess is Pan Cam v2


The Wyze @$$ - Bidet. WiFi Toilet seat

They need to concentrate on their Firmware/Software before releasing new products.
How about Dark Mode for one?

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Was there an announcement?

Outdoor Pan Cam

Landscape mode for tablets? That would be the biggest shocker imaginable.


On Reddit a Beta tester indicated it would be a Pan Cam w/ disco lights, with the capabilities of the V3’s.
I could uses a few of those.

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With disco lights?

That would be funny :joy:

I am not the beta tester referred to, but ill be dipped… cause I totally had such an idea. And if its not @gemniii lemme know I can hook you up!


Not nearly as cool as the disco cam, but here it is


Here’s your disco cam accessory. https://www.amazon.com/Activated-Halloween-Lights-Multi-Atmosphere-Parties/dp/B07WS7J6YK

That’s them… I have a whole Wyze “Disco” series

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Wish they’d throw something like that in for early backers

They can’t. The new Pan V2 doesn’t have the extra USB port on the back. From the launch pictures:


That is one of the differences. The USB port was mostly to be able to connect a Bridge for sensors, now that’s not needed (with everything moving to the standalone sensor hub). I am guessing this new design will improve the sound, the air-flow cooling, & reduces the extra strain (memory, firmware space, processor, etc all dedicated to the extra USB stuff) and keeps the power better.

My V1 Pan used to overheat sometimes or sometimes get glitchy if I used the USB port, especially with a bridge. I think this is a positive upgrade that should help with improved cooling and sound, and it looks cool.

I am considering how I might try to waterproof one of them or spray one with black plasti-dip though :slight_smile: Just for fun. We’ll see.

And just like that… Disco is out again.

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Disco has been out for a few decades buddy. :rofl:

But it’s fun to watch you give it a reason to say it’s:

:musical_note: Stayin’ Alive :musical_note: Stayin’ Alive :musical_note: :man_dancing::man_dancing:

And the cool places you find to attach it to Wyze devices. You could always get a micro USB splitter coming off the initial cord and attach the cord to the top of the pan instead. That would look cooler!

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Looks like its shaking some tail feathers on the back tho :rofl: :wink:

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Apparently I term disco a lot, and never really was a fan even though a kid of the 70s

Forgot about this one

Do we need to investigate your NDA, @superchi ? LOL.

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