Wyze Car to slow? Then switch sport mode. Is your camera out of sink? Here is how to fix that too.

Is your Wyze car too [mod edit] slow? Just go into the Wyze car app and choose the camera you’re running on the car. Then on the up-right screen is a gear. If you don’t see the gear just tap the screen and the gear should appear. Then tap on the drive mode and you’ll see ECO mode and sport mode. Here is where it gets tricky. When you click on sport mode and go back to the cam it’s still slow [mod edit]. The trick is to tap on the screen and on the top left side of the screen you’ll see a back arrow. Tap on the back arrow which will bring you back to what camera to choose from. Tap on the camera you are using for the car and you’ll see a short loading screen which will load the sports mode to the car. You’ll see it moves a lot faster and wont get as stuck on things.

On a side note some times your camera will be out of [sync] with the screen. The only way I found how to fix this is by unplugging the USB from the battery to kind of reboot the camera.

I hope these little tricks help you out.

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Thank you!