Wyze Car Driving Mode only Works in IOS

So my original Wyze car failed only after using it a few times. Wyze replaced it with no issues. So I got it out this weekend to use it and used it on my work phone for the first time. It’s an iPhone 12. To my surprise the driving mode actually did something when you change it to sport mode. It is much faster and I’ve never seen in change in the past when I tried it. So I tried it on my Samsung Galaxy S20 and sure enough when you change the nose it doesn’t do anything. Shows it in sport mode but it’s not. I also tried it on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A and same result. Looks like the Wyze car only works properly on IOS. Is there a fix for this? Don’t really want to have to use my work phone to use it. Anyone else notice this? It seems usable in sport mode. Going to try it out side again now.

it does not work well on our iPhone 12’s. I wish it would! Terrible lag making it impossible to steer!

I have to take back my last remark. After reflashing my mini-SD card - my Wyze car seems to be working with my iPhone now. I had an older V-2 cam and evidently it needed new a firmware update.