Update the Car App for Modern (iPhone 14) devices

The current release for the Car app does not allow you login easily (the screen layout / resolution is not correct for iPhone 14 Pro devices)

Please add screenshots of any problem screens for reference.


Edit: Nevermind this post, OP is talking about the separate app for the Wyze Car, not Apple Carplay.

Wait, Apple Carplay allows you to use things like the the Wyze app? Android Auto doesn’t allow it and actively tries to block anything that could stream video because it can distract the driver and they could be held partially liable for promoting that. I was of the understanding that is why the Wyze app can’t work on Android Auto, are you saying that Apple has been allowing the Wyze app to work on CarPlay up to now? Or just hoping Wyze will add it? I would be really surprised if Apple allows it, but that would certainly be cool since it will still benefit passengers or allow drivers to at least listen to what’s going on at a certain cam’s location. If Wyze is even legally/contractually allowed to do this with Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, it would be a really nice feature to have added. :crossed_fingers: I just thought it violated Apple/Google’s terms of service for using them in a car display.

I believe the request is for the Wyze Car app.

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Does this help?


Oh, thanks. I must’ve missed seeing the tag for that. :joy: I was starting to get jealous it wasn’t in Android Auto. :slight_smile:

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My car… has never moved. The only product from Wyze I consider junk.

Sadly, neither has mine. Much to the dismay of the kids it was bought for.