Car speed modes

The car isn’t what I expected, Got it up and running but there is no difference between eco mode and sport mode booth are really slow for a 50 Dollar remote car this is very poor, oh 50 plus the 20 for the camera, Is there a fix or has this been a waist of money

Put it on eBay and double your money.

I have found there to be a difference in speed between the eco and sport mode. What type of terrain are you using it on? Some users have had slower speeds on grass.

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Only used indoors carpet and wood floors, my wyze robo vac would probably beat it from standing start,

In my house in wood floor and no difference either mood it is so slow,

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I think there was a variation between test and release – it was not slow during test, but was after release. I don’t know why, but I had no issues during test. It needs to go BACK to the way it was!


I do see a difference also, but not a huge difference.