Wyze Car app iOS version - 6/1/2023

We don’t do a lot of updates for the Wyze Car app, but we heard that iOS16 ruined the Wyze Car fun! Wyze Car iOS app version fixes UI and a sound bug in the livestream recording screen for iOS16.

Drive safe and watch for deer! :deer:


Look what they put out car fix instead of fixing the app and the firmware for the cameras SHM, what a shame for a co that was one good for nothing

They just released new beta firmware for many of the cameras too, and public app releases are monthly with one or more beta app releases in the interim (sometimes a hotfix when applicable). Adding this app release in no way delays the regular app release schedule, and this is something that’s been getting requested for months since the new iOS version launched. People have been unable to use their car cameras, so this was important.

What problem in particular are you referring to? We can try to make sure they are included as considerations in this week’s fix it Friday event.


Just a few log. I have mor and BEEN SENDING them to wyze
With version Fios 1ghz up and down. My Lorex system and ring also nest all works fin so some issues with this app /cameras or firmware

You list is meaningless to anyone except the developers - so you have told US here on the forum absolutely nothing except that you have submitted logs.
How about telling us what your problems are?



Read the other post

So why post logs that you ask for

Because the forum moderators (and maybe the mavens) can forward forum posts along with the log submittal number to the developers so that the developers can get a better idea of what the history is to go along with the log. So if for example someone writes a detailed forum post about some problem and includes the log submission number, it allows the moderator to forward that additional information to the developers.
As I understand it, ONLY the developers can see the logs themselves - even the help desk can not.


You are correct. and if logs are not given to support with a support ticket number, or passed on through an employee in some way, then they are not reviewed by anyone and sit in a backlog blackhole per the previous AMA:

We receive tens of thousands of logs a month. I believe the backend interface shows something in the order of millions of logs uploaded since Wyze shipped its first device. Due to this… Logs that are uploaded and not attached to a specific ticket, support request, or Community Manager are lost to the black hole that is the log backend. Additionally, depending on the issue you are experiencing, log uploads may not be incredibly useful. Offline issues, for example, rarely have useful logs because the device needs to be online in order to upload them! In that case, microSD card logs are incredibly useful, and we are forever in your debt if you are able to connect with a Community Manager to go through the process. FYI. We (on the Engineering Team) do read this subreddit and the forums on occasion, and will often pursue fixes related to the discussions our community is having. We may not reply to your posts directly, but I would highly recommend always including a log ID in your post anyway along with a general time that you encountered the issue at in case we scoop it up. - u/WyzeMitchell


Ok sorry for coming off rude. But it always can’t upload to the cloud and the :question:mark when I get a notification also I have 8 v3 and two floodlights and the 2 of my v2 that do not have the problem it’s just v3 all on cam plus $99 door bell pro is fine As for one of the v3 the sd card
Can’t see/read until I reboot the floodlight that I is connected too. I did all the reset and close/cashe app delete it restart iPhone all are on the latest firmware and app Ring /arlo/nest that don’t have this issue also I have a lorex 8 system hard of cou just putting it out there

I can understand your frustration with things not working properly and I am sorry, but please treat the volunteers and other users nicely. They are here just trying to help.

Have you contacted support about the issues you are having and if you have do you have a ticket number you can post so I can look into it and see if I can help.