Wyze Car Firmware - Released 11/10/2023

We’re releasing Wyze Car firmware with security updates today! If you use this product, please update when you can make a pit stop! :oncoming_automobile:


Hi Jason, Link to firmware download page, please?

It is not on the download page. You can get the firmware by downloading the Wyze Car app in the iOS app store or Google Play.


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Is it possible to get the wyze car firmware file to manually load (SD card .bin file)? My black V2 camera keeps failing the upgrade, and then I have to reload the stock V2 firmware to the Cam to get anything to function again, but then trying to update to Wyze car firmware fails again. Is it better to try to upgrade to car firmware from a different version of the V2 firmware than the latest release? Any insight would be appreciated.

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Download the latest from the Google Android Play store. The new firmware doesn’t work at the last step of the car setup. The “Finished” button doesn’t work. Any fix for that?