Wyze canceled Home Monitoring w/o warning, won't reinstate

I’ve been a Home Monitoring subscriber since 2021, and all of a sudden my plan was just canceled.
Allegedly, that was due to a failed payment – however, I was never notified about the declined payment and, what’s more, I had a working card on file.
Curiously, the communication I received was about the termination of the service, and never about the failed payment.
I immediately contacted Wyze support, spoke over the phone, chat, and email, and every time given conflicting information and a runaround.
Ultimately, they told me to just buy the new service.

What makes this case even more spicy is that my old service was priced at $60 (and was due to renew at that rate), and the “new” service would be $100.
One support member even mocked me (after giving me a runaround) by saying this:
“But don’t worry, we have a cheerful suggestion for you! You can repurchase the service at a special rate of $99.99”

To say that I am disappointed in such an attitude is an understatement. I mean, I’ve heard horror stories about Wyze service, but this… is just abysmal.
You don’t want me to keep my discounted subscription? Fine, just tell me about it. No need to set up this whole circus with a “failed payment.”

Rarely companies tell you reasons for their actions. Legal department usually advises lie to avoid lawsuit.

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Okay, I finally got a semi-straight answer from Wyze: they won’t do [Mod Edit]
"Unfortunately, we are unable to manually reactivate subscriptions once they have been terminated. At this point, you would need to repurchase the subscription.
Kindly note that if you have successfully repurchased the subscription, we will also not be able to manually reapply any previous promotions you may have had in your account."

Of course, they “understand that this may not be the ideal outcome you had in mind.”
They certainly “highly appreciate your understanding in this matter.”

LOL. Okay, I will completely cut ties with Wyze, remove all of my subscriptions, and move entirely to a decentralized home automation-based system.
Good luck with such customer treatment.
Way to turn a years-long paying subscriber and advocate into an enemy.

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