Wyze canada

OK, Wyze will come & be available in Canada. Great news.

Question 1) At purchase time, are we going to be able to choose between US and CAN prices … or/and the currency we want to pay with. We may have a US Bank Account/Credit Card or US PayPal Account and we may prefer to use it. If you use Canadian $ prices, is it going to be in real time fair exchange rate ?

Question 2) For Delivery : Any big Delivery Company (Fedex, Purolator, DHL, UPS) AUTOMATICALLY charge Duty AND huge fee, having the option to have it sent by USPS will make small purchases Duty Free, dis you know about that ?

Personally I normally drive from Montreal to Plattsburgh (when the border is not locked because of Covid) where I have my order shipped.

Thanks for reading my message.

Michel Dupont

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