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The external protective cover used for the wyze v2 or Wyze Cam Outdoor is compatible with the wyze v3 camera ??

@arps44 Welcome to the Wyze community! No the covers are not compatible.

On a good note, the v3 is an outdoor camera IP 65 rated weather resistant and doesn’t need a cover. I have two v3 cams outside and they have survived rain, snow, sleet, and freezing temperatures without any problems.


ok … I will follow your advice … thank you very much friend and happy new year


You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

The external housings that I bought for my v2 cams were from from “Sully” and purchased on Amazon. Those definitely DO NOT fit the v3 cams… I don’t know about other brands.

Compairing the v2 and the v3, the dimensions of the camera are different, and the lens locations are different so nothing designed for the v2 will be a drop in fit for the v3.

Thank you very much for that important information friend.

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The overall width and hight of the V3 is about 1/16" larger than the V2. Their lengths are the same.


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Couldn’t help it. :slight_smile: