Wyze Cams randomly go offline!

Why are these Wyze cams always randomly going offline!!! At least once a month one of my cams will go offline…what is weird is it only says offline if I’m in the camera overview where I am viewing all my cams at once. But if I click on the specific cam that says its offline, I can then view the live feed. It’s so annoying. Sometimes the cams will fix themselves, but other times I have to unplug the cam and reboot.

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Submit a log for this device .

This seems to be a bug affecting cameras.

I submitted a log via the app. Is that all I have to do for Wyze to get back with me? I tried to create a support ticket in the app, but it just keeps sending me to this auto chat thing and I keep going in circles trying to get a support ticket started.

Do you have the log id number ?

Did you take a screenshot or did you write it down ? If so please pass it down

And if you didn’t , then go to the wyze app, account > scroll down to wyze support > log history and the recent log you submitted will give you the number associated with that log

Please pass it down so we can pass it to the right people to get this looked at :slight_smile:

I created two logs…wasn’t sure if I did it correctly the first time. 809966 and 809979

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Two new logs for the camera showing as offline but still being able to view them.


I am sorry this issue is happening to you also. Can you tell me what app you are using and what firmware the camera is on?

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This issue has the characteristics of a more common situation that many of us have bumped up against lately. I encourage you to perform two things that will help you, if this is the problem. And won’t cost you anything.

You may have reached the limit on the number of WiFi/IoT devices that can connect to your router. Do a count of devices. You also can use a free tool called Fing. Then use the Internet and look up the specs on your router. What’s the number of devices the router can support? (You don’t need to tell us here, just for your own information.) Does your number exceed or close to exceed your router’s limit? Did you count everything? Maybe there’s a couple of phones, laptops or tablet/ipad that someone brings home and connects?

We we start using a new router, we tend to forget there’s a limit. And naturally we keep adding more smart toys to our networks. “Something has to give”.

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…and whatever the newest ios version of the Wyze app is…

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I have noticed a cam on the overview displaying as offline but really wasn’t. Almost as if the overview just displays an image from the last triggered event any added user(s) viewed or that was auto recorded. If your ISP had a mobile app for your account try creating a device group just for your cams and ensure there isn’t a time schedule for blocking internet access set by default or parental control settings enabled. Maybe, if you can switch out your router/modem and just see if the issue lives on with different hardware.