Cams are unavailable from app most of the time

I’m getting really frustrated with the cams I have installed at my business. They are constantly getting worse, to where they are down more than they are available. I have them on different WiFi systems and they’re still all going down and I have to reboot everything to get it working again. Now the iPhone app says my cams are all powered off, even though I know they have power and WiFi. It seems crazy that I have to reboot my wifi and cams twice a day to make them work properly for a few hours. I used to not have so many problems, but it seems they are gradually getting worse and worse. I recently installed 2 new Cam 2 just to see if that helped, but it made no difference. Anything I can do other than take it all out and find another vendor?

While this issue has plagued Wyze devices for a while, a robust WiFi network can drastically improve it, to the point where a cam goes offline almost never.

Adding more cams will just make it worse, so that could be why it’s getting more frequent.

If your using the WiFi router that your ISP installed you should replace it, as they are usually the bare minimum required to make anything work.


I pulled the cams off my regular WiFi router and moved three of them to my ISP’s WiFi router. They are the only devices allowed to access that router and I’m still having problems.
(I am supposed to be on AT&T’s fiber, so I would assume the router could handle the throughput from a handful of cams.)

I would advise against having multiple routers in your home, they will interfere with each other and generally cause more issues.

And just because it’s a router made for fiber, your isp assumes you won’t fully utilize it so they probably cheap out on the hardware.

Thanks for the comment. When I changed ISPs a couple years ago, I just moved my regular WiFi router to the new cable modem/router so I didn’t have to redefine all my networks and devices that were already setup on that router.
It is possible that the 2.4 GHz bands are bumping heads, but that happens all the time and you don’t always see issues (or at least I don’t).


My cams, ALL 4, are doing this SAME EXACT THING! When Wyze first started as a company, that’s when i joined. They had their stuff together. BUT NOW, things do not seem to be working. My cameras keep going offline. I had to reinstall them thinking it was my connection but IT’S NOT!
I believe I’m DONE with wyze. I NEED my cameras and yes Wyze is a affordable way to go, but this is highly unacceptable!!! When calling customer service, they aren’t really much help also.
Sorry Wyze, but over the years… you’re failing!

I had this problem. I had the cable guy check my router and he said he doesn’t see anything wrong. But he replaced my router and the problem went away. The cameras do go offline every now and then but replacing my router fixed it. maybe try and reset your router and if that doesn’t work have the cable company come by and check it out

I reset my router multiple times. I also, like you, had it replaced and still nothing. I just purchased the Cam Pan v3 and get this, it won’t reset at all. The light stays on red, which is fine, but I need to reset it. I’ve read there were a lot of issues with the cam pan v3, go figure. I mean, not all cameras are bad cameras, that is why i took a chance with it. My mistake.