Wyze cams and cellular internet

Can anyone tell me if the wyze cameras can maintain a constant connection with cellular data hotspot?
I purchased a competitor model and was told it could but after multiple cases with support I was told it cannot.
I want it for my RV and I use a mobile hotspot for my internet needs.

As long as the cellular hotspot will stay up, the camera should not care what the internet backhaul is.

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I thought the same but evidently there is some differences that my current camera can’t compensate for. Before I buy something else and end up frustrated and have to return thought I would ask.

I have read about other people setting up cameras in their RV’s you can read some of the threads here

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I see the base station need and I think that’s the issue with the camera I have now.
Will give it a try.

You will be amazed how quickly you’ll burn through your mobile data.

My cellular router (hotspot on steroids) keeps 16 V3’s, 7 V2’s and 1 Pan-Cam online.

currently 12 of the 16 V3’s are on Cam-Plus and as other have stated the data consumption can be high. I have had over to 260 GB of data used when the cameras were uploading anything and everything for AI analysis (Cam-Plus)

I am currently running an Advantech ICR-3241 cellular router connected to my network, the WiFi is a Mesh WiFi network (Orbi)

I have a battery backup running the Cell Router, WiFi Mesh System, VOIP, and 16 V3 cameras that lasts 21 hours when A.C. power is lost. So essentially my system is a 12 volt powered setup just like the 12 volts in your RV.

A regular hotspot would work but has it’s limitations such as WiFi Range, usually most hotspots are limited to the number of attached devices to 10-15 connections.

The hotspot is not designed to be on the charger all the time, I have seen many swollen battery packs on hotspots people keep plugged in all the time and so far those have been lucky none have caught fire.

Cellular routers are available from many companies such as MoFi, Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, DiGi, Advantech, etc…

But to answer your question, YES you can run a standalone “Hotspot” to provide your cameras with internet, just be prepared for the data consumption.

Data usage on 12 V3’s with Cam Plus, 2 VOIP lines and a Non-WYZE Security system for 30 day period.
97% of the data is the 12 V3’s on Cam-Plus

So approximately 20 GB a month per camera on Cam-Plus, and if you are constantly viewing live video your data consumption will be even higher.


Not sure if I understand what you are trying to do. If from RV to you WiFi connected iPhone or iPad, you might consider a local mini travel router that gets the connection initially at your home between the cameras/mini router/iPad/iPhone with Internet connection. Then disconnect the Internet connection and see if mini router serves as bridge between camera and screen. Saw a post were someone used one of these in his car for dash cams that had WiFi but no internet.

If you get it from Amazon, you can return it if it does not help. Cheap test.
Just trying to help.

The GL.iNET GL-MT300N-V2 Wireless Mini Portable Travel Router doesn’t provide the “Broadband” so I’m not sure how that would work for that use?

We don’t know what all of his requirement is in the first place. We don’t fully understand what he is trying to do. Save to the cloud anything/everything or want to be able to “see” while he is not able to see what the cameras see. That’s why I suggested something not connected to broadband. Trying to help.

The OP says he wants to know if a “Cellular data Hotspot” would maintain a constant connection, and he goes on to say it will be on a mobile hotspot for his internet needs…

Okay, I give up trying to explain.

I appreciate the feed back everyone.
I will fully explain my requirements and the issues I am encountering

I live in my RV full time and have/need 1-2 cameras. Currently only have one and it is sufficient but would like another.
Cloud Storage not required or even desired.
I have a dedicated mobile hotspot with unlimited data to be used by the security system. I have another hot spot data source for internet browsing and streaming.
I want motion detecting camera, siren and strobe, 2 way comm is a plus but not required.
Notification, live view and recording required. Storage of just a couple days is sufficient as long as I have the ability to download or save locally.

My issues are two fold. Sometimes my hotspot boxes reboot in their own, particularly once they reach full charge. Usually everything just reconnects when they come online.
1-My camera sometimes does not (fails about 25% of the time). I have to manually reconnect them.
2-My camera sometimes will just drop the connection, it is still active and alarmed, just will not send notification or enable live view. When triggered it will alarm and record and then be fully connected again for live view and notification etc this seems to happen most frequently when the system hasn’t been armed in a couple days.
After working with support the camera needs to either be hard wired to a router, or connected to their base station/control center. Something in the way the cellular internet is handled does not allow the camera to maintain its connection to the hotspot box via WiFi. According to them It works but not designed to and no support for. They will gladly take it back for full refund or sell me a base station.
I’m looking at alternatives before I buy their base station.
A friend has the wyze system in their home and I like the watch integration as well as some of the other features of the wyze. So thought I would see what mobile options it has.

Sam, thx for the mini-router idea. Will have to compare and look at the base station option to see which works best for me.

Bryon that seems like overkill for my needs but thank you for the information. There’s some nuggets in there I can use to help me decide. I do unplug my hot spot boxes. I have them connected to a power strip that I flip on and off as needed.

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If it was my setup, I would double up on cameras. So cheap anyway. Put them with overlap or side by side to increase the change of coverage and always up. Put them on alternate schedules to restart.

This is an interesting challenge. I hope you come back and walk us along what you try, what works and what the final outcome was.

You might find this helpful for your cameras when they fail to come back on after the hotspots reboot. These have a setting Power-on State on/off . They also have a Schedule and Timer setting in the app’s via the firmware. Set it to restart the USB Smart adapters often or when you wish. The app also has Scenes. Restart the USB adapter whenever/as often as you wish. For $10 each they might help your kit maintain active state. Always keep a bag o’ tricks so you can pull goodies out and try.

Thanks Sam. Reading the description for those SONOFF switches, it says I need a router to control them via the App. Will read some more up on it.

I think I’m going with the wyze and get the base unit that operates like a router.

The Sonoff devices all use the eWelink app (along with a large number of other manfu). Sonoff has been update products and firmwares to be more feature granular. They have a local LAN feature on many. Research that on the adapter also. In other words, does not need router after initial setup - can operate without if put in local LAN mode.

Hooray for Layer2!