Connecting WYZE Cam v3 to cell router

No WiFi so trying to find a cell router that will work with V3. I’m in a remote location without WiFi and no Verizon but I can get AT&T signal.
Advice, please!

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I assume you mean a cellular hot spot - a device that creates a WiFi access point and uses cellular data for the backhaul. If that is not what you mean, give a better description.
I have used a cellular hotspots many times. Do the setup on the camera just as you would do for any other access point. The hotspot needs to be on 2.4 GHz. Many phones can also act as a hotspot (carrier may charge extra for that however).

I used my AT&T Cell phone as a Hot Spot and my cameras and devices were able to connect without issue.

If you are looking for a device, you can see if AT&T still sells a MiFi device, which is what it was back in the day. If you search for it, you will get a lot of Cell Devices you could possibly use or go to AT&T and see what options they have. Here is something from a quick search:

That’s the question I asked. Beyond that I’m asking politely for a hardware suggestion. Not a phone. Thanks.

Thanks! Much appreciated!

I use an Advantech ICR-3241w-1N
Industrial cell data modem with WiFi in unit

I disabled my WiFi and run a Mesh WiFi network connected to cell data modem’s Ethernet port.

All 24 of my cameras run off that network and it will run cameras and internet without A.C. power for 2 days.

Yep, a tad bit of OverKill … LOL

Wow! That’s South Bronx warehouse- caliber security! Me, I just have a yard view out of a barn for 5 month Winter shutdown of my cabin. Power stays on in the barn. A cell setup will save $70/month WiFi service from my local telco.