Phone internet/tethering

We don’t use internet or should I say " a router". We use our phones to tether for internet. I have a phone we just use at home for our internet-it stays on all the time for this.

Can I connect the phone to the camera to use it? Maybe even bluetooth it?

I don’t have a router.

The cameras ONLY care about the WiFi. How that data gets back to the Wyze servers is of no concern. As long as you are providing a WiFi for the cameras tp connect to and from there, it can get to the Wyze servers (via the Internet), they are happy.

So as long as your phone that you use for internet can provide a WiFi hot spot, you are good to go. I will point out that many phones when used as a hotspot, are substantially limited on the number of connections via that phone. Cellular hot spots are also frequently limited, but not generally as much as using a phone as a hot spot. In other words, you may find that for example you can only connect five cameras to your phone as a hot spot. There are ways around this limitation if needed.


Usually there are also data limits when using a phone as a hot spot.

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Thanks. We don’t have issues with the amount of data we use. Not gamers or movie people. So the phone I have would just be used for the camera.

But the one camera I want to use in my camper to keep an eye on my dogs and the temperature. Sounds good. Now I can order one.

Which camera? The Outdoor Camera is battery powered but you need 120/110v for the hub or for any other cameras. The hub for the outdoor camera also needs an Ethernet connection for setup.


You might want to do some tests. Viewing SHOULD stay local and only traverse the WiFi network among your viewing device, the phone acting as a hotspot, and the camera, but we had at least one poster reporting excessive 3G data usage when trying to continuously monitor some cattle.

While it is packaged with an AC adapter, the actual input to the hub itself is 12 volts DC.

Okay. I ordered the V3. I can always move it to the temp in the camper only–if it uses too much data. But I do have unlimited on my phone so, I’m not overly worried.

I will post how it goes when I get it. Thanks.

“Unlimited” data rarely if ever applies to hotspot mode. You might want to check. Good luck.

It may be unlimited data, but at substantially slower speed.

yep, the fine print usually says after X amount of gigbytes, the speed falls to 3G or 2G. I don’t know what the carriers are going to do with 3G actually goes away. at&t for instances is shutting down 3G in Feb 2022. So, others will not be far behind. Maybe they will throttle the speed and not call it 3G - just punish you for using so much by making it go slow.