Using a Wyze cam in remote locations on cellular hotspot

I have a cabin in the remote location. I have been able to use a cellular wireless hotspot with the camera. All functions on the Wyze cam work. I am receiving notifications, can play back video on the SD card, and can receive live streaming video from the camera. The overall data consumption has not been an issue. I am keeping the camera on SD video quality. Just thought I’d let everyone know as this is been very helpful in giving me peace of mind for the cabin.

FYI I am using a Verizon hotspot.


Thanks! Good to know!

Interesting. Do you have any idea of how much average bandwidth you are using?

Tagging thread for notification…very cool!

can you use it without being pluged into ac power…

A couple of questions if you have the time. I just got a Verizon hotspot so that I could use a Wyze camera at my place in the country. I cannot get wise to read the scan code and hook up with the hotspot. It does it fine on my home Wi-Fi, but will not do it with the wise camera. So far, technical support has been sub optimal.


So far, technical support has been sub optimal.


I just wondered whether you had any initial set up hiccups and how you overcame them.


Thank you.

I also have been trying to get a remote location working with a Wyze Pancam and using a Verizon LTE router.

Initially I setup a new camera and was able to connect to the router and use the app while I was at the location. However, after I left I was unable to get a live video stream as it would stall at “getting video 3/3”. I had another camera and this time I did not update the firmware as I was prompted to do when I setup the first camera. Without updating the firmware I was actually able to log into the camera and get a live image while I was away, however, I am more often then not unable to get a live stream. This might be because of my Verizon connection as it is somewhat marginal. I am also now getting push notifications and able to view them which was really my main intention.

I have a ticket in with Wyze and would like to know if I should attempt to update the firmware again. I would ultimately like to determine what I need to do to make a live stream option work reliably.


Any recommendations on which verizon hotspot to purchase?

I have all 3 of my cams on the cellular network, besides the other 6 camera on security system (Wyze cams work better, and no monthly $)

Also tried running a V2 just for kicks in my work truck connected to a AT&T hotspot when I parked it in a sketchy neighborhood I was working in, worked very well :wink:

Cell data isn’t what it used to be, Glad it is now FAST & CHEAP as I live in a small community in the national forest where there is no DSL, Cable or Fiber…

Running a Digi WR31 cellular enterprise router on T-Mobile with 3 WAP’s across property and wired Ethernet, Ready and waiting for Wyze Cam Outdoor! :wink:


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Were you able to set up the cameras using your hotspot and if so, how did that go? I’ve tried setting up using a cellular phone hotspot and the camera couldn’t connect.


Thank you!

The App likely requires the phone to be on WiFi, not Hotspot…

In other words a separate WiFi Hotspot (Standalone) from the Smartphone with your App, that also connects to Wyze Cams

Google Cast used to suffer from same limitation, eventually it was fixed and does work with Smartphones Hotspot.

My setup has a Hotspot (Actually Hotspot on Steroids…LOL) and that creates the Wifi system on my property

I connect my phone, and Wyze cam to that WiFi network, App works just like on a standard home WiFi setup.

^ My Home Internet setup “Hotspot on Steroids!” provides wired Ethernet networking, WiFi, and VOIP.

Wired Ethernet connects to 3 WAP’s for full coverage of property (4+ Acres) Supplies Internet to 6 Honeywell IP-Cams, 3 Wyze Cams, Alarm System, 2 TV’s and 3 PC’s

T-Mobile One Plan with One Plus Int’l to get Unlimited 4G-LTE data to home


Wyzecam Pan can see inside and outside in this setup, works very well !

I’m using six Wyze on a Verizon Jetpack. One must have the phone on the same Wi-Fi as the jetpack in order for the connection of the new camera to occur. Once made, you can connect your remote device (phone, tablet - I use iDevices) can be anywhere on any network.



I am doing the same from my farm at the outskirts of Bangalore , India.

I use the JioFi hotspot router (Reliance India) and have two Wyze Cam camera’s on the farm.

I also have 4 Wyze Cams and a Wyze Cam Pan at home along with two Foscam C1 cameras.

I have a 27 " HD monitor and with an Amazon Fire TV stick , all the 9 cameras can be seen with tiny Cam Pro (with the camera selection of 9 per screen ) .

I plan to add 4 more Wyze Cams at my farm , as this trial has been successful.

Trust this helps.

Hello NateJG,
To continue my observations , the usage on the JioFi Hotspot router is about 1.20 GB / day for 2 Wyze cams. We have very attractive plans in India and this costs me about 2 $ per month.
Trust this helps.

Update - 4/6/2019:

My cameras all went off line (Verizon Hotspot) in early January.

Multiple calls to Verizon were frustrating. They could not verify that there was any data flowing via the hotspot, only that the “line was active”.

No, they could not re-boot the Hotspot.

So, I’ve had no cameras since January. It’s now April.

While looking at the ‘events’ for my cameras (both at the Verizon Hotspot and at my current residence) yesterday - I noticed four ‘events’ at my Verizon Hotspot location!!!

Voila! They’re up.

I can only suspect that Verizon “Pushed” an update to the Hotspot - and it reset.

I’ll never know - only that all but one of the seven cameras on that Verizon Hotspot are now up and running (the seventh, I believe, has a defective power supply).

And I now today see that I can see four cameras at a time - CONGRATULATIONS, WYZE FOR THAT UPDATE.

I wish that they’d also offer a version in camouflage - so it didn’t jump out with a big black circle surrounded by a glossy white box yelling: “Look at me! Look at me!.

I have a camouflage bag that I carry my iPad in - and I can easily “lose” it in plain sight.

I’d also like to see a few covers (like, perhaps, a candle) for the camera - the Pan in particular. It would be great to hide the camera in plain view.

Bottom line: Yay, Wyze!!!

Update 4/22/19:

Verizon hotspot went offline again. All cameras on it are no longer functioning. Hotspot is very disappointing.

I have used wyze very successfully on a cable modem/router in one of our houses, but have never been able to get them working reliably behind my att or verizon cellular hotspots in the other. Thay will hook up fine and I can stream video at first and even pan. But then they freeze up and will neither pan nor stream. The app stalls and I must exit and reenter to make it work. I have looked at router settings but cant see what might be causing the problem.

The cameras are now unusable in the cellular hotspot house. If I had more info on the protocols/timeouts etc. they used I might be able to fix this but it would take too much time. For now I’ll use another type of camera.

I also have a camper where I would like to set up a couple of cameras with a hotspot on a phone. Will this work? It would be using the Verizon network.

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