Remote cabin low internet

I have a property up in the mountains of utah that has spotty cell service. I have a cellular booster that allows us to make phone calls and even watch youtube videos. I just added a Cradlepoint IBR900 cellular modem with a verizon line on it to try to get wifi at the cabin. It seems to have been working as my kids watch videos off of the wifi. The entire point of the wifi was to get a couple Wyze cameras going for security.

Both cameras setup just fine while I was on the same wifie as the cameras but now that I’m home the app gets to “getting data 3/3” and then goes back to 1/3. I have both cameras set up on 360p. I’m assuming I have an upload speed issue? Can I dummy down the video needs further? Is there a way for these wyze cameras to be set not to live stream and only send single pictures?

Hi @tltaylor22. This does sound like an upload issue. Have you done a speed test to see what your upload rate is?

I was able to get into the modem remotely and the news wasn’t good. The upload test was .02mbs, That’s not going to work. It’s strange that I could stream youtube videos but have such poor outgoing. Look like I’ve got to find a cellular solution. Any idea if the Wyze can be set up to send just pictures instead of video?


You were streaming them into your cabin? Orstreamung them out of your cabin? Was your download alot higher than upload then?

Ugh, even at 360p, .02Mbps will not suffice. I don’t know of any way for the camera to natively send pictures. Maybe someone from the community knows a workaround.

Yep, Streaming into the cabin so download was a lot better than upload. I’m going to have to hike up the mountain when the snow clears and put a pole with a directional antenna and a point to point radio to get down to the cabin. I was just hoping to avoid all that. I’ve looked at satellite but its super expensive and spotty at best. I wish the power companies in these rural areas would BPL (broadband over power lines).