Connect V3 cameras to hotspot

I currently have 4 cameras connected using my home internet connection. If I drop my internet service can I connect them to my cell phone hotspot?

Wyze says they do not recommend but will it actually work and view live stream and events/


You can use your cell phone Hot Spot for the cams, but there are some drawbacks.

  1. You won’t be able to use your phone to install the cams onto the cell phone Hot Spot SSID. You will need to use another device for the install that is using the cell phone Hot Spot SSID when they install. This is because your phone cannot use its own hotspot as a network and the install phone and cams have to be on the same network during the install.

  2. When your phone leaves with you, all your cams go offline until you return. No network = No uploads or Notifications, no automations, no accessibility while you are away.

  3. If your cell data is capped, it will use a significant portion of your data.

I have done it quite a few times. With the limitations that SlabSlayer posted, it works fine.

What other type of device can be used? Would that be a computer…please give an example.