Can Wyze run on cellular signal?

Hello, our home has two Wyze security cameras that connect to our residential WiFi signal. Is it possible to add a camera that will run only on cellular signal? If so, will that camera send me alerts? Can I add an SD card to record activity? I’d like to install a security camera at my office but I don’t have access to the business WiFi signal. Thanks very much.

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I believe most Wyze cameras will only work on the 2.4 GHz WiFi (not 5 GHz WiFi). I don’t think Wyze hardware has cellular radio tech built in. So I believe you would have to have a mobile hotspot from a cell provider to make your situation work. Once the Wyze camera has internet connectivity, you should get alerts on your connected device where ever you are.


This is correct, Wyze devices only support WiFi, so a cellular hotspot will be required to bridge the signals


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Using your phone as a mobile hotspot: Yes, so long as you have another device to do the install. You can’t do the install on the same device because both devices have to be logged into the same SSID\PW. However, moving your phone away will cause the cam to go offline,

Using a stand alone Mobile Hotspot Router: Yes

Yes. So long as your phone has internet access when you are away from the cam and the cam has continuous internet access thru the hotspot.

Yes. The cam can be started on the hotspot WiFi and then the hotspot can be removed. The cam will continue to record to the SD so long as it remains powered.

In your case. You can install the cam to your phone hotspot using another device when at home, take it to the office, start it up on the phone hotspot, and then leave the cam there running. It will continue to record overnight. When you return to the office, with your phone hotspot on, you can then use the app to view the SD Card Footage. Your phone will be using the cellular network, the cam will be using the Hotspot WiFi. In this situation, however, you will not receive alerts while the cam is off the WiFi Hotspot.


Obligatory warning that placing cameras and networking gear (phone/hotspot) in a place you don’t own and without permission can be dangerous for you.


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