No live view on Phone when using cell signal/towers

My new Wyze Cam would not stream live video unless I was at home and my phone was connected to the same WiFi that the Wyze was using. I installed a 32gb Micro SD card, and that solved the problem. I was then able to live stream without having my cell phone on WiFi.

That’s odd. I don’t have that issue.

So you’re suggesting that if you remove the card, you then cannot see the live stream via cell connection only?

I don’t know about that test. I am using a Motorola G7 Android. And it appears the card is what got it going for me.

that shouldnt have any influence on being able to see your feed using mobile signal. if it is this is definately something Wyze would want to look into.

when you have a moment try a small test for us.

you currently have a card in. choose a spot with good wifi AND mobiel signal. make sure the live feed works using both wifi and mobile. if it does go to phase two :wink:

keep your phone in the same spot, turn the camera off, go remove the SD card, return to your phone, turn the cam on and check live on both wifi AND mobile data. if for some reason mobile data will not allow you to see your feed, do a speed test right then.

let us know the results. this is quite interesting.

Took the SD card out.
WiFi streaming good.
Cell Signal: The streaming would cycle on for 3 seconds, off for about 8, on 3, off for 8,…

SD card back in: Cell Signal: Did a couple of on off streaming cycles.
It has been steadily streaming for over 5 minutes now, on cell signal.

Cell Phone: Cell Signal, Speakeasy Test: 10.5 MB/S Download 6.5 MB/S upload.
WiFi Signal, Speakeasy Test: 18.9MB/S Download 2.5 MB/S Upload.

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Wow … are you on dialup? (joking)

Just to compare apples to apples… i ran a Speakeasy test using cell only … that test is to Miami and I’m in central Texas

I’d say you have questionable cell service AND the Wifi ain’t much better … are you on satellite internet?

Yes. Satellite.
TMobile cell.
I believe you have located the problem. SPEED.

When Elon is done with the SpaceX Starlink Beta testing, I’d suggest you consider moving to their system (Oct timeframe).

You might even consider joining the Beta program.

Starlink is aiming to offer gigabit internet speeds and latency between 25 and 35 milliseconds … thats comparable to landline fiber.

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Folks with Satellite internet have had problems due to latency. Some related posts


thank you fo that test, you were quite through with it and I think as others have stated we have found your problem.

as they have said, your speeds are a bit down, but more than likely latency is your issue. I feel you on those speeds as when I lived in a very rural area I dealt with the same thing and it was an expensive struggle. :unamused:

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