Wyze cam with satellite internet

Recently Ive been unable to connect to the the camera. Wyze support suggests this is due to my ping time of ~720msec, however this ping is normal for satellite, which is all thats available in many rural areas. Does any one else use wyze with satellite e.g. Exeed.

I see no one responded to rshile’s question. I have a relative that is wanting to order cameras but his only option for internet is Viasat. His plan is 25 mbps download and 3 mbps upload. I am sure that satellite latency has a huge effect also. Curious if anyone else is currently using wyze cams on Satellite internet succesfully…?

I have HughesNet satellite internet. I have never been able to get a live feed remotely but the alert videos upload just fine.

It seems like that there is no possibility to get the live stream. Most likely send all cameras back.

A bit late to reply, but I recently was able to setup 2 Wyze cameras on Viasat satellite internet. My connection is 25Mbps down / 3Mbps up.

I’m able to get my live feed and control the PAN Cam, but there is a ton of lag. The last time I checked, my ping is about 600-700ms.

I’ve discovered that running the video in non-HD modes helps a little bit, but there’s still a noticeable lag for the live picture.

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I have ViaSat. After several months, it’s hit or miss whether I am able to get live feed from my house cameras. I find the outdoor cam with the base station actually is easier to get the live feed than my own cams etc…

Gonna keep messing with settings. If anyone has found setting adjustments that help, beyond image quality, I’d love to hear it.

A bit more detail… a lot of times I immediately get a successful camera connect and authorization… but then loading image fails.


A quick update that I feel is worth sharing. Shortly after posting my question about any adjustments to provide more success for connecting to Wyze cameras that are connected via satellite internet.

My ViaSat systems became very unstable, to the point they sent a technician out to check it out. He ended up replacing everything except the dish. The receiver/transmitter head, the modem gateway etc… all replaced. He still wasn’t satisfied, so he started working on the cable connections between the dish and the gateway.

Eliminating extra cable and connections, he got the cable resistance down to less than 5 ohms. You can see this and other performance factors vis the gateway Modem / IFL Cable status page…

Also ensured that the signal strength from the satellite was good…, ~10 db.

Since all this was done, my internet connection has improved drastically. I now have a round trip ping with google of 844ms average. This is about a third of what it was prior to this work on the system.

I also now have very little issue reaching my Wyze cameras when I’m away physically. In other words reaching them over the internet from another location.

Hope this helps…

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Please check out my separate post on this topic. After the ViaSat tech came back out to my house due to issues, replaced all the hardware, and did work to clean up line signal… it’s working well for my remote connection to my cams.

I also have Viasat satellite internet. do you know if wyze cams still work when on viasat’s hibernation (super slow) plan?