Wyze cameras will not work after free trial ended

Cameras will not work after the free trial ended. Bought the cameras for my mother and now she has no way to use them for even the short recordings. Is this a common issue where cameras stop working when the 2 week free trial ends.

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No, this is not normal. the 2 week free trial is for Cam Plus. Once that expires, your camera will still function but you will only get 12 second recordings to the cloud. If you have an SD Card in it, your events will still exist there.

However, can you provide a little more info on Will not work? Can she connect to them, but there are no events? or is she not able to connect at all.

If you cannot connect to them, try this: If you have access to the camera, unplug the power from it, wait for about 15 seconds, then plug the power back in. After about 1 minute, your camera should be online again.

If you have no events: Start the App, go to the Events tab and check to see if there are any filters on. you will know if a filter is on as the Line below the work Events will have the Filter options, one of those woll be filled in. You can also click on the funnel - Top Right, and uncheck any items which are checked.


It might also help to post a screenshot or two from her Wyze app, showing whether the cameras are still listed and showing the contents of the Events tab.


In addition, screenshots to show any error messages or anything that helps explain what “will not work” is.


This just happened to me. My trial was up yesterday, now my screen is frozen and I have no access. I am not near the location, so resetting is not an option. Fix your software!

I have the same issue. As soon as the trial ended the events will not record. I have cleared cache, cleared all filters. Shut down the camera. Restarted the camera. Hard cycled the power for 15 seconds.
Live stream works. Recording to the sd card works. The camera is up to date with all firmware updates.
I just purchased 3 more wyze cameras v3 as Christmas gifts. I will hold back giving these cameras to my family. None of the fixes have worked for me. Hopefully this is a software glitch. I am not impressed. The other cameras x 2 are Wyze v2. No issues.

12:55hrs. An update just showed up on the camera. I updated to the newest firmware v4.36.9.139. This resolved part of the issue. Now I have a new issue. The events show up for the v3 camera. But I can’t view the events. There is a symbol in the bottom left corner of the video clip. The only option to “play the event” is to click the play button. I contact support. I needed to add my new camera to Cam Plus lite. After adding the camera; the events are once again accessible.

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That is basically correct that the Cameras don’t work unless your subscribed to Cam Plus, at least they don’t work in any useable means.

With Cam Plus the Cameras work like a security camera should.

The cool down period if not on Cam Plus takes Security right out of the equation.

I contact support. I needed to add my new camera to Cam Plus lite in my account. After adding the camera; the events are once again accessible.