Wyze camera with cellular network

When using the cellular network (AT&T), I cannot view my cameras by the app at all. They only work with Wifi.
Please advise.


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If using iOS you need to turn it on in the WYZE app from the phone/iPad settings>

@Antonius mine is enabled. I just called customer service and he said camera only works with Wifi only, not cellular network. This is huge disappointing that I cannot view the cameras when i’m away from home. I must be home to view. So this is not a concept of security camera at atll.

That information is not correct. I was in New York last week and viewed all my cameras at my home in California via Cellular Data on Verizon LTE (4G). There are numerous members here that are having the same know issue. I have not had the problem.
WYZE knows about the issue, customer service should know better. You camera needs to be connected to a Wi-Fi network but you should be able to view from any place you have a cell signal or Wi-Fi.

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That clarifies my issue. I thought it was only me. Thanks! @Antonius

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I think WYZE should make a new category at the top of the Forum “KNOWN ISSUES” / “CURRENT ISSUES” so members/users can find it easily. It would save us all a lot of searching and typing. :upside_down_face:


customer services misunderstood or you did not phrase correctly, however some operators do not allow camera monitoring data, you should talk to at&t

The issue is not AT&T, many others have the same issue on various providers.And yes customer service should know> from support page.

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you do not understand, same problem is with other cameras, blink, arlo.
arlo for example sells camera where you can put sim card and they inform customers which operator does not block camera
wyze support often says they work on fix to get rid off customer

Recently applied for wyze customer support. But they don’t want me. Probably they didn’t think that I could copy& paste from a script.

here arlo community thread about at&t incompatibility.
there are too arlo cams that take sim card, as you see newer arlo go 2 is (or was) not compatible with at&t. the same applies for any camera,
it is up to cell operator to unblock camera.

sC Community Manager

Community Manager

‎2022-09-16 11:10 AM

Arlo Go 2 officially works with:

Verizon Wireless
U.S. Cellular

Been this way for me since Feb. I’ve tried reverting my cameras to older firmware without success. Replaced all of my wifi equipment, tried different wifi names and even tried creating a new Wyze account and adding the cameras to the new account all with no success.

Have another friend having the same issue, and two others that don’t. Super frustrating that they can’t get this figured out.

:rofl: Yeah, that is an essential skill…

More likely that you aren’t in the Philippines.

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