Wyze camera picks up phantom conversations when no one’s home., really all the time

So I’ve noticed for a long time now my Wyze cam is picking up Phantom conversations. It is definitely nobody in the house as it happens when we’re not home. It even happens pretty much all the time. The funny thing about it is that I would know if it was some of my next-door neighbors or something like that it was interfering with and it’s definitely not nothing that I know of. It’s living there. It’s gonna be sounding like these conversations, probably time would have something there. I’m thinking maybe this has something to do with the voice interference with somebody’s voice or phone connection or something cause it sounds like it’s always a couple or you know a conversation between two people and you know it’s like it’s really kind of frustrating because you can’t really figure out exactly what they’re saying normally but you can pick up enough where you can know it’s for sure a conversation and you can’t pick up some. Some words is for sure you can tell when people are mad you can tell when people are cussing. I mean, somethings wrong and why isn’t really fessing up here what’s going on here and I’m sure they know more about this and they’re saying , so I’m trying to see if anybody else has the same problem because we actually talked to neighbors. We figured out where this conversation we think it’s coming from anybody else any other cause we’re trying to get something to happen on this

When the will let me I’ll upload the video till then https://youtu.be/d0vL9xApt_I

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Welcome to the community. :slight_smile: I even have a good answer for you!

You are right, under specific circumstances, radio waves can overlap and cause unintentional interception. This can happen for phones, baby monitors, walkie-talkies, intercomms, Bluetooth Headphones/earbuds, and various other devices that use a microphone and radio waves. When your camera and the other radio device are using close frequencies, there can be weak bleed-over that occurs.

When I was young, I actually used to do this on purpose with a really old TV I had. I could turn my TV to the “UHF” signal position and then put the dial somewhere between official channels and pick up phone calls and baby monitors, etc.

This same thing happens even today every so often, though it is much more rare.

One thing that often helps to resolve this, is you can log into your WiFi Router and force it to change to a different WiFi radio “channel,” at least for the 2.4GHz band which is where you are having this issue. Doing this will then force the camera to use that different channel so it can connect to your WiFi, and it will be unlikely to keep having bleed-over from that other signal now. I would recommend choosing a channel at least a couple of channel numbers away from whatever it is on right now.

Obviously, the way to change the channel varies a lot depending on what router Brand/model you have.

Anyway, your instincts are right on. This kind of thing is fairly uncommon now, but it does happen. It actually happened to me just 1-2 years ago. I had a bleed-over issue just like this (I can’t remember if it was on my Wyze camera or my Owlette Camera), and I looked into see if bleedover issues were still possible, and learned they are and that this still happens sometimes. I just changed my WiFi channel and never heard it again. So that is my advice. :+1:

Perhaps you could apply for The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch research team?
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Haha, thanks. Maybe next season they’ll add radio frequency analysis to their toolbox. They are only a 3-hour drive from where I live, so maybe I can commute on weekends.

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