Wyze Camera - Notification Rules Not working


I have 8 Wyze cameras. I’ve created rules to allow notifications from some cameras and turned off notifications from others. However, I consistently receive notifications from all cameras, including those that have a rule to not send notifications.

How do I enforce notifications from only those cameras I am interested in? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



Have you tried turning off Notifications in the camera settings in the App? From the Home Screen click on the camera you do not want Notifications from. Go in to Setting - Notifications and toggle off.

Not sure if creating a Rule is the best way to stop Notifications.

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I have rules that execute a notifications off command for specific cams when I am out and about in the yard and they work well but won’t stop Alexa Notifications.

To determine why your rules aren’t working when you execute them, we will need a screenshot of the rule to determine if it is set up correctly.

That did the trick. I changed the camera settings.

I’m still confused why the rules didn’t work. Why have the option if it doesn’t work?

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We would need to see a screenshot of your rule to determine that.

When you turn off notifications for a specific cam, or a cam group, via a Rule, it does toggle the Cam Notification Settings off within each individual Cam Settings.

Here is an example of my rule that turns Cam Notifications off on selected Cam Groups (applies the setting to each individual cam in the group) and my doorbell cam when I am outside working: