Notification rule not working correctly (misbehaving)

I have a notification rule to turn off notifications when I’m home, however, my two cameras keep notifying me. I’m new to Wyze so it may be user error. Please see attached screenshot of my rule settings. Any suggestions?

First welcome…

When did you create your rule? Posted time is 3:05 (PM presumably?) which is outside the time of the rule you created. The rule should work as written. Notifications for the two cameras should be off between 4pm and 8am the next day. You may need to wait a day for the rule to actually function.


Yes, you will need to cross from 3:59 PM to 4:00 PM for the Rule to fire off.

You can see the success/failure of your Rule under the Account tab > Rules > History tab at bottom.

Thanks, both (WildBill, Newshound).
You’re right, the issue went away the day after I created the rule. Waiting a day solved it.